World Games Day 1 Recap

Yes, it’s finally here! The time of camp everyone has been waiting for: World Games! Yesterday we started World Games 2021, and you could feel the excitement and energy in the air!

The first day is already a packed one, and I will give you a little taste of what each team experienced! To start off the day, our two teams worked the whole morning on their Opening Ceremonies, a way to introduce to the judges and other team what their culture is and different parts of their country. I have seen some incredible Opening Ceremonies in the past, and these Openings blew me away!

After that, our entire camp participated in a Track and Field event, where every Unit gets the chance to compete in events like Long Jump, Relay Race, Sprint, and even Shot put! It’s a great way to see our athletes in action and to cheer on the teams! And after our Track and Field event, our teams went to their first Activity Block, a period of time where campers get to sign up for different activities, compete against the team, and have a blast, as well! There are things like Canoe Races, Painting Challenges, and even Trivia!

We were then off to one of the most highly anticipated events of World Games: the team dinners. Last night we headed off to Italy and it was breathtaking. There were gondola rides through Venice, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and beautiful rolling Italian landscapes. And finally, to end off the day, we had our Fashion Show and Dance Off. Our Fashion Show is where campers have been making outfits throughout the day based on their teams, made out of their team t-shirts, and they strut down the catwalk to impress the judges. We ended on a high note with our Dance Off, where our Captains, Top Ten, and Campers Captains led their teams in wacky and crazy dances. Whoever the judges think got their team the most involved and dancing the hardest will win!

It’s a fun ending to a great day, and I can’t wait for you all to hear about Day 2!

Time to go to my activity block now! Until next time…

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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