We Love Special Activity Days at Manitou

As you know, at Manitou kids can really develop their skills because they pick their own activities and change them weekly!  But we also love to have fun, special days at activities throughout the summer. After all, camp is about new and exciting events that require creativity and imagination. Just today for example, Fitness held a triathlon that kids could sign up for, involving running, swimming, and canoeing.  On top of that, OCS hosted a flag football tournament, and at Soccer we had the Champion’s League Tournament. Hockey also had a special event – our annual Dany Markov Roller Hockey Tournament. Basketball joined in yesterday with a special 3-on-3 tournament and Volleyball did an incredible fun filled event as well. It was hilarious watching the “Masters of Mini Golf Tournament” today, as over 50 campers participated in a test of patience and endurance while we listened to play-by-play commentary. Golf even presented the winner, Ben Svonkin, with the traditional green jacket. Still, our most unique activity today was ‘Swimitch’ – a combination of quidditch and swim where for two days, kids enjoyed their favourite Harry Potter sport while cooling off in the water. Watching 30 kids in the water, laughing and enjoying the lake and beautiful weather with their staff was a site to behold.  Of course, the morning started off with our now weekly “Polar Bear Dip” where over 40 campers jumped in the lake, washed up, and had hot chocolate to start their day before breakfast. We ended the day with over 20 budding astronomers star gazing and learning about the galaxy through the lens of a new high powered telescope!

Wow, that was an action-packed Wednesday!  Can’t wait to prepare for our annual Community Week that kicks off tomorrow!

Oh, and before I forget, make sure you check out the newest edition of Manitou’s Newspaper, The Mosquito!

Manny J Moose

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