Walk of Hope

WOW! Yesterday was jam-packed at Manitou and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

During the day, there was a lot of excitement at activities. Over at Soccer, there was a World Cup Tournament where all age groups were able to participate, and I know it was thrilling, even down to the final seconds! At Adventure Park, they had their annual Dale Evan competition, where teams compete in time-based teamwork challenges, and whoever has the best time and spirit win the whole thing. And last but not least, we had another long-standing Manitou tradition: Art in the Park. All of the Art Hill activities (Culinary Arts, Crafts, Martial Arts, Pottery, Woodworking, Photography, and Creative Arts) participated in an outdoor arts festival where they had booths set up outside, and campers and staff could go to each booth. There was face painting, an art gallery, paint twister, and so much more amazing stuff. And the best part is it all went to Community Week and the charities we’re supporting!

After an exciting day, it was good to calm down at night, and there’s no better way to do that than with the Walk of Hope. For those new readers, and those who need a refresher, the Walk of Hope is an annual night that falls during Community Week, where we walk together and reflect. This year some First Nations values were inserted into our walk, so when we went we could reflect on the history of First Nations people in Canada and think about how we can help and do better. Our Main Field was set up beautifully, with a lit path made of paper bags each camper and staff decorated, and a big lit up letters spelling out Hope. We even had performances throughout the night from our talented campers and staff. It was an inspiring Manitou night, and I hope everyone was able to reflect and take some valuable lessons from it.

I’ll fill everyone in more soon, but right now I’m going up to Pottery, where Laurie, the Activity Head, is going to help me paint my sculptures!

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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