Walk of Hope and Alice in Wonderland!

Golly gee! It’s been another exciting few days at Manitou, complete with an annual tradition, a fantastic musical, and a bittersweet goodbye.

On Monday evening we had our annual Walk of Hope, a Manitou tradition that happens each summer. It is an event during our ‘Community Week’ where campers and staff reflect, learn, listen, and find new ways to give back. We usually walk around Main Field for this event, but due to rain we reinvented our walk this year. It was awesome to see a new Walk of Hope form! First, our units went into the theatre which was transformed into a soothing, calming, beautifully lit space. Each artificially lit paper bag was decorated by campers and had messages and drawings of hope and peace covering them. The focal point of the evening was our speaker from Seeds of Hope, our charity of the summer. Seeds of Hope helps people who are experiencing homelessness in the Toronto area. It was so special for our Manitou campers and staff to hear how Seeds of Hope helps people experiencing homelessness and how we can give back to this charity and the community as well. Our campers and staff then moved to the Dining Hall where they listened to campers perform and participate in activities. One of the activities was writing down improvements to make in their lives and another was writing down fears they wanted to get rid of and then put them in a fire outside in a quiet space. It was not the same outdoor walk as usual, but it was still a moving evening and I know our campers and staff all enjoyed it!

The following night was another exciting evening with the performance of the Freshkid/Sophomore play, Alice in Wonderland! Our campers all had a blast singing and dancing for the camp. The costumes, sets, and talent were all out of this world, and it was so much fun going down the rabbit hole and seeing everyone perform! I can’t wait until the next show and seeing more of our talented campers!

On Wednesday morning, we had a bittersweet goodbye when we said farewell to our 2-week campers. It was sad seeing them all go, but I know that they made so many memories and that they’ll be back again next summer for more fun times!

Yours moosily,

Manny the Moose

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