VR Video Gallery, Time Capsule & Giving Back!

Thank you to everyone who joined us last night for our final Virtual Fireside with Baycrest and Make-a-Wish Canada. Hearing about the resilience of our youngest and oldest members of our community was truly inspiring. We were grateful that so many of us joined together as a Manitou community on what should have been the last day of our 2020 season, even if only virtually. We heard some cabins and groups of camp friends were even able to have socially distanced viewing parties – as we always say, camp is about the people rather than the place. It was also so special for us to have our fireside poem read by those who would have celebrated their 15 & 20 year Manitou milestones at camp this summer.

If you were unable to join us for the YouTube livestream, we have included a link to our fireside below – we encourage you all to watch and learn from our incredible speakers.



Last night, we were so inspired by Marvin’s story and in light of our new partnership with Baycrest, we have created our very own Manitou team page for Marvin’s Million. As our Baycrest buddies explained, every dollar raised represents one of Marvin’s million steps. We encourage you to visit our team page, which is manitou.marvinsmillion.com to support this incredible initiative. We hope you will all join our team and help Marvin reach his goal.

Hearing the heartfelt stories of Gabe and Lilly as well as from our very own camp doctor Jeremy Friedman, we gained significant insight into the impact of Make-A-Wish Canada. We can now see the true power that these wishes have for the children who are facing unbelievable challenges, but who have shown unimaginable resilience. If you wish to donate, we now have a dedicated fund through our Manitoucamp Foundation. Please CLICK HERE to show your support.


While we have run many virtual programs, we haven’t been able to bring you home, but we are hoping to try get one step closer. Several years ago, we brought a special videographer to camp to capture Manitou in 360 degrees. From music lunch to flagpole and the waterfront, these videos are as immersive as you can get. Given how much we are missing our home away from home, we are excited to announce for the first time that we will be releasing all of this footage to our entire camp community. You will actually be able to click on the videos and explore parts of camp by rotating 360 degrees. CLICK HERE to access the VR Video Gallery. The password is: manitouVR


We wanted to properly acknowledge our strength as a Manitou community by documenting our memories from the summer that none of us expected. We felt the best way to do this was by creating our very own Manitou Summer 2020 time capsule project. We are asking all of our campers and staff to fill out a form for our time capsule where you can write about the highlights and lessons learned from Summer 2020. The time capsule will be buried at camp in the fall and in 5 years time, at our first fireside of the summer, we will dig up the capsule and share the thoughts and feelings of our Manitou community to properly reflect and remind us of how far we will have come since COVID-19.


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