Visitors Day and Tribal Games 2018

The end of first session is near, and even though it makes me sad, we still have so many fun things going on at camp! On Friday night, we saw another fantastic edition of the Dance Show, where our dance campers showed off their modern dance, hip-hop, and tap skills. They were incredible, and I was once again extremely impressed by our talented campers…they need to teach this moose how to dance!

After the Dance Show, the Junior Unit performed The Lion King, and it was a rendition that blew everyone away! We laughed, we cried, we gasped, and I saw more than one person tapping their feet and humming along to the songs. The theatre campers and staff always astound me, and this time was no exception, as we saw breathtaking costumes and sets, and were lucky enough to hear these incredible voices singing classics like “Circle of Life.”

On Saturday, as many of you readers know, was our annual Visitors Day! Our lovely Manitou family trekked from all over to camp, and it was great to have the entire community together for one day in the place we call home. Parents had the chance to see their kids participate in all sorts of activities, plus Chef William cooked us up his amazing Visitors Day buffet, where there’s something for everybody! Mark and Jeff ended the day with a speech to all of our Manitou families, which you can read HERE! But the day wasn’t over when all of our visitors left, in fact it had just begun!

Saturday night, we had another theatre show, where we saw the Seniors and C.I.T.s perform in Wicked, and once again it was spectacular! The campers took us through what happened BEFORE the story we all know and love, and it was thrilling. And of course, as always, the campers sounded fantastic and they can sing better than I ever will! Once Wicked had finished, there was excitement in the air, because our campers knew that night was the beginning of Tribal Games 2018!

Everyone went back to their cabins to find out what colour team they were on, and then went down to the Hangar to see the official opening of the program! The secret theme was told to us, and we found out that it was Natural Wonders of the World. The four teams that would be competing this year were revealed to be Mount Everest, the Grand Canyon, the Northern Lights, and the Great Barrier Reef, and our wonderful captains are some of our top staff members who were honoured with the captainship because they always go above and beyond! You can even see their spirit flowing out of the photos above! It’s going to be another exciting Tribal Games and I can’t wait to see who takes the title!

Gotta go see all those amazing Dining Hall decorations now! Until next time…

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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