Thursday Excitement!

WOWEE! The weather is a little cooler here today on the shores of Lake Manitouwabing, but I know the sun is going to come out any second now and make this another perfect Manitou day! And speaking of perfect days, our Thursday yesterday was one of the best yet!

Everyone woke up on Thursday still raving about the Freshkids/Sophomore play the evening before…Mary Poppins! There were incredible performances, beautiful sets–made by Emma Szpindel and the Theatre Sets campers–and some wonderful singing and dancing! I’ll be singing those songs and thinking about the play for days to come!

Our Thursday then started with Chef Will’s famous breakfast buffet, an amazing spread with everything from chocolate croissants to watermelon to scrambled eggs to lox and bagels! Everyone can find something to enjoy, and I know this moose went in a couple of times to have the delicious food! After I had some food, we unfortunately had to say goodbye to our 2-week campers. I shed a moose tear watching all my new friends go back home and seeing their counsellors giving them big farewell hugs. But I know they’ll be back next summer, and maybe they’ll stay for even longer!

After everyone had their brunch, it was Super Cabin Cleanup time, where our campers spent time making their cabins look perfect, and tried to win the cleanup prize: an Ice Cream Party or even the elusive Steak Dinner! Then it was off to Beach Day for our Junior Unit! It was a great day to go to the beach and have an afternoon out of camp. There was swimming, games of volleyball, cabin hangouts on the beach, and it ended as all Beach Days do: a cookout complete with hot dogs and pop! I can’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon!

It’s another activity day here today, but with Friday Night Fireside this evening and Rookie Day tomorrow there will be plenty to tell you all about soon! I’m off to go practice my serve with Sydney Shore, our Head of Volleyball!

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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