Thrilling Thursday!

YEEHAW! We’ve had the most sunshine in Manitou history these past couple of days, and I can’t wait to share with all of you the fun stuff we’ve been up to!

Tuesday and Wednesday were both regular activity days, and I saw so many of our campers going around to their activities with a huge smile on their face. I saw people playing football at OCS, making bowls at Pottery, and even fishing at Eco Adventure! I’m always amazed at the big variety of activities we have here, and I love that campers are willing to mix it up and take anything! Tuesday night we had our first activity rotation of the summer, where cabins go around in a group to an activity that they may not usually go to. It’s always fun to try something new, and it’s even better doing it with your cabin and having the chance to bond.

After a big day of activities yesterday, I saw some fantastic Evening Programs running, such as Competitive Table Setting for the Juniors and a Synchronized Swimming Contest for the Seniors. It’s a blast to watch everyone so spirited and being so energetic with everything they do at camp. After those programs, it was off to bed, because today is going to be a big day!

Thursdays are a little different here at Manitou, and I can’t believe we’re already at our first one of 2019! The day starts with a chance to sleep in and eat at Will’s beautiful– and famous — Breakfast Buffet. You can catch the buffet at any time in the morning, and this old moose is definitely guilty of going back for a second helping of those warm chocolate croissants! For those who don’t sleep in and don’t want to eat all morning long, we have activities running called Hobby Hubs, where our L.I.T.s (Leaders in Training–second year Seniors) plan fun activities for kids to participate in. And this Thursday we even have a special Magician here who is going to do some balloon animal lessons, and perform a magic show as well. Abracadabra–what a treat!

After a mid-morning Flagpole with everyone, all the cabins in camp do a Super Cleanup to make their living spaces a little more tidy. And if they do a REALLY good job, they have the chance to win an ice cream party or even a steak dinner! Once those cabins are nice and clean, our Units split up to do different things. This week, our Freshkid and Sophomore Units will be going out of camp for a Beach Day. They’ll get to swim, play games on the beach, and have good old fashioned BBQ’d hot dogs! But don’t worry about our older Units, they’ll get to go to Beach Day next week, and this afternoon, they’ll be participating in Cabin Activities that their counsellors have planned for them. And at the end of the day, as if Thursday wasn’t fun enough, we have an Outdoor Dinner — yummy yummy — and Evening Programs to cap off the day. It’s all bound to be a blast!

Well, I’m off to go clean MY cabin… I hope I win an ice cream party!

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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