The Start of Second Session!

YAHOO! I can’t believe it, but it’s officially the start of Second Session of summer 2021!

But before I get to the start of our exciting new session, let me recap our last couple of days! On Tuesday all of our First Session campers had to sadly pack-out and get ready to go home. But even though it was a sad day for some, we had an exciting and happy evening. We had our traditional banquet, where our Dining Hall and Dining Tents are decked out in decorations, and the camp even served steak! We then went to our awards ceremony where each activity gives out a couple of awards to campers they feel have improved or made an impact at their activity. I saw so many smiling campers holding onto their awards and I hope that everyone is so proud of all they have accomplished First Session! Then of course we followed up the Awards with our end of month slideshow, where we could see beautiful pictures of all of our campers and staff having a blast! And then we ended the night with all of us singing our camp song, “Deep in the Heart of the North” together. It was a great ending to a fantastic session, and though I was sad to see some of our campers go, I know they’ll be back next session for some more summer fun!

Just yesterday, we had all of our Second Session campers arrive with big smiles on their faces ready to have some fun! They were all greeted by their Counsellors and Unit Heads, and I can tell they’re already all having a great time. They got to tour the camp and hear from our Activity Heads about the things they can put on their schedule, and this morning I see them all running around to activities and to do their swim tests. It’s so exciting to see familiar faces and to also meet some new friends…I know they’ll all fit in to our big Manitou family!

Well, I’ll have more news to tell you soon, but right now I’m off to see our Head of Sail Arielle so she can teach me how to properly sail a boat!

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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