The Carnival of Camp

It’s a new day at camp and I’m still reeling with excitement from the HUGE Carnival we had yesterday! Themed as a birthday party for Mark and Jeff’s 20th summer at Manitou, it was loads of fun for staff and campers! All across our Main Field–which is huge and nice and breezy for those of you who haven’t seen it–a variety of Carnival games, attractions, and snacks were spread out to amuse everyone…including me! I could snack on some popcorn or cotton candy, play Chicken in a Pot, take a picture at the photo booth, have a birthday cupcake, and then jump around with all my friends on one of the big inflatables, like the Wrecking Ball or the 21 Foot Slide. Even when the Carnival ended, there was more to come! We all ended the night with a big camp-wide dance, where the DJs and dancers of Sole Power had us in our dancing shoes until the sun set on another Manitou day. Overall, it was an incredible day, and we’re having another amazing one today!

There are lots of fun programs happening at different activities today and I can’t wait to try them all out! First I’m going to go down to the Swim docks where Swim, Pottery, and Woodworking campers will be playing in a Squidditch Tournament. Quidditch is a game from the Harry Potter book and movie series, and when you throw on the ‘S’ from swim, you have Squidditch! I know our Manitou swimmers will have a blast playing a fun game in the water, and I can’t wait to join in! After I get a round of Squidditch in, I’m going to head over to Basketball where my good friend Teghan (the Head of Basketball) is holding a 2-Ball Tournament. Our former head of Basketball Mama D–current Facilities Director–just explained to me that a 2-Ball Tournament is basically a shooting competition and the team with the most points will win! I’m excited to see all of our fantastic Manitou B-Ball players shine, and maybe I’ll try to throw a basket, too!

All of our activities have been super busy holding tryouts for Intercamp teams, having tournaments and wacky programs, and I know our Theatre program has been gearing up for their first show of the summer. Tomorrow night all of us at Manitou will have the pleasure of watching the Freshkids and Sophomores perform in The Little Mermaid, a Disney-musical classic! After the Talent Show, I know we’re in for a treat, and sometimes I stop outside the Theatre just to hear them rehearsing ‘Part of My World.’ Even around camp, I see groups of campers singing all the show’s tunes and I can’t wait to tap my foot along with them when we see them onstage and go under the sea along with them!

Off to put on my swim trunks and play some Squidditch! Until next time…

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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