First glimpses of second session

Manitou has been positively abuzz with energy these past couple of days! From the moment our second session campers got off the buses, they’ve been made to feel at home here at camp. They’ve met their cabinmates, been introduced to all of our camp activities and head staff, passed their health and swim checks flying colours, and spent yesterday’s first full evening with their units doing awesome programs: garbage bag fashion shows, inner beauty pageants, painting competitions, and magic shows.

Frankly, every day at Manitou seems to have something extra-special going on! Yesterday we welcomed Owen Tippett, an incredible 17-year-old hockey player with the Mississauga Steelheads who is currently slated to be fourth pick in next year’s NHL draft. Tippett played pickup games with campers of all ages during the afternoon, and held a Q&A where he shared wonderfully positive messages about self-discipline, following your dreams, and taking care of your body by eating properly and staying above the influence.

In addition to all of the great stuff going on in camp, many cabins have also signed up to go on canoe trips this session! We’re looking forward to a busy tripping program to round out what’s already shaping up to be our best summer ever.

You’ll want to stay tuned for news of all of our exciting campwide programs this month — where first session promises a carnival, Rookie Day and Tribal Games, second session has Halloween, Art in the Park and World Games!

For now, get a “read” on the latest and greatest in Manitou campers’ news by taking a peek at the latest edition of the Manitou Mosquito. And have a great weekend!


Manny Moose & The Entire Manitou Family

Closing thoughts on an amazing first session

And just like that, Summer 2016 at Manitou is halfway done. Apologies for the interruption in your regularly scheduled programming (blog posts) this past week; between Visitors Day, Tribal Games, our final banquet and an activity awards ceremony, camp has been so full of energy and spirit that we’ve barely had a second to sit down!

For many of you, this post arrives just hours after your kids did. Main field was a scene of tearful hugs and final photographs this morning as our first session campers boarded the buses to head home. It’s been an amazing month at Manitou, one half of what we’re sure will go down in the books as our “Best Summer Ever.” Here are some snapshots of what’s been going on: Continue reading “Closing thoughts on an amazing first session”