Reese Levy

Culinary Arts Counsellor

From Toronto, Ontario, Reese is currently a student at Western University working towards and Honours Specialization in Health Sciences. At Western, Reese is an executive with the Western Sneaker Club and also is part of the Jack.Org club. She has also completed three online internships in graphic design through Riipen Levelup. Reese is planning on spending the months before camp shadowing dentists and oral surgeons, plus she will be using her graphic design skills and working at an advertising agency! Reese has many passions including baking, singing, playing with her dog Ollie, travelling, and hanging out with friends! Reese also loves creating online content and her Instagram account (@ReeseMadison) has reached over 23k followers! A Manitou camper for 6 years, Reese is bringing her infectious smile back to camp for her 3rd year on staff! This summer, she will be back as a Culinary Arts Counsellor!

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