Paige Kruger

Sophomore Girls Unit Head

From Toronto, Ontario, Paige is a graduate from Forest Hill Collegiate and is currently studying Early Childhood Education at George Brown & Ryerson. During the year she’s been able to volunteer with special needs organizations such as Holland Bloorview and Camp Winston, as well as working with special needs children in the TDSB through her program. Paige loves musical theatre and looks forward to continuing to pass on her passion to our campers. Paige is a Manitou “through and through”. After working as a General counsellor as well as on Rock N’ Roll and Theatre, she is so excited to be joining the Unit Head team leading the Sophomore Girls this summer! In 2017, she was named World Games Captain of Team Cuba. A Manitou camper for 8 years, this will be Paige’s 6th summer on staff and 14th at camp.

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