Melissa Bruce

Health & Wellness Director, Assistant Director

From Toronto, Ontario, Melissa is our Assistant Director and Health & Wellness Director now working full year in our office. Melissa  manages the Health Center, creating an efficient and safe space for all campers and staff. She has revolutionized the way that we deal with health-related issues at camp and we know that she will continue to improve our systems and make camp great like she always does!  She is in charge of our Canoe Tripping Program, oversees our incredible Kitchen Staff, as well as planning & managing our Off-Season Facility Rentals & Leadership Programs. Melissa works to ensure dietary needs are met for campers at meal times ensuring a successful experience for all campers. Melissa’s role also includes hiring many of our amazing staff including all off-season, medical and kitchen staff, as well as teaming up with Alec for our activity staff & counsellors.She is a graduate of York University with an honors degree in Sociology and has worked as a preschool teacher, as well as an art teacher while living in Spain.  As a former Manitou counsellor, Activity Specialist, Unit Head for Seniors and Freshkids, as well as CIT Coordinator, Melissa has seen all aspects of camp and has a way of making everyone who meets her feel appreciated for their role at camp! She was also World Games Captain of Team Belgium in 2014. Melissa returns for her 17th summer on staff.

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