Jude Foster

Communications Director


From Toronto, Ontario, Jude is our Communications Director and working full-time during the year in the office. Jude spends his time assisting with administrative tasks, sending communications to our staff and parents, creating calendars and schedules, running our Manitou Cares program and a variety of other tasks that ensures the summer runs smoothly and is the best summer ever!

Jude is a graduate from Concordia University with a BFA Major in Playwriting. After graduation, Jude was highly involved in the Montreal and Toronto theatre scenes, working as both a playwright and a stage manager. He also spent 7 years teaching at the Jewish Studies program at the Danforth Jewish Circle and is currently a volunteer at the 519. A Manitou camper for 9 years, Jude completed the CIT program in 2010, received the prestigious Jordana Lokash Award in 2007, and was named World Games Captain of Team Australia in 2015. Jude has worked a variety of positions at camp, including Head of Newspaper, Programming Coordinator, and Activity Coordinator, and this summer he will once again be bringing his sense of humour to the admin team working as our Communications Director. This will be Jude’s 12th summer on staff and 21st at Manitou!

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