Dylan Brown

Swimming Counsellor

From Thornhill, Ontario, Dylan is currently a student at Queen’s University, working towards a degree in Applied Mathematics and Engineering – Applied Mechanics. During the non-camp months, Dylan works at Clark Hall Pub and at Motiv App Inc. He also volunteers his time with Kingston Hillel, Queen’s Hyperloop, and Alpha Epsilon Pi. Dylan has also previously worked as a Swimming Instructor and with The STEAM Project, and has lots of experience working with kids. When he isn’t working or studying, Dylan loves volleyball, swimming, and playing guitar! A Manitou camper for 8 years, Dylan completed our CIT program in 2018! This will be Dylan’s 3rd year on staff, and this summer he will be bringing his charisma down to Lake Manitou-Wabing, where he will be once again working as a Swimming Counsellor!

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