Sports and Islands and Talent, Oh My!

MY OH MY! It’s been a fantastic few days up at Manitou, and there’s so much to tell you all! On Friday, we had Intercamp where we invited Camp Tamakwa to face off against our Manitou athletes. They competed in hockey, basketball, volleyball, climbing, and more! It was a great day for that classic Manitou spirit and sportsmanship, and to see our talented athletes show off their skills. I can’t wait to cheer on our teams in our next Intercamp!

Saturday was another busy, but fun-filled, day! The morning started off with our LITs (Leaders In Training–second year Seniors) welcoming campers from the CNIB Lake Joe camp to participate in activities around Manitou. Our LITs used their skills they had learned previously to work with kids who are visually impaired, and it was awesome to see friendships being formed. Our visiting campers got to try their hand at Adventure Park, the Climbing Wall, and they even went up to Rock ‘n’ Roll to jam out on some instruments! I think our LITs are going to be awesome when they return as CITs next year, and I can’t wait to see their leadership skills in action next summer!

In the evening, we all went into the Theatre to watch the Second Session Camper Talent Show! There was singing, dancing, Air Bands, a special performance by the Directors, and even an incredible DJ set! I’m always blown away by the talent and creativity in the camp, and I know everyone here at Manitou feels the same way!

Then, after the Talent Show was done, we all went to bed. Or we TRIED to go to bed, but instead were swept off to CIT Village for a very special presentation. We were told that a plane had crashed on a desert island and before we could make it back to camp, we would have an island party as a whole camp! For those of you who may be confused, I’m talking about Midnight Madness, a special program our CITs run every year for the camp. For one special night, the CITs plan a themed night where the Dining Hall is transformed, and campers get to eat all sorts of great food and play a variety of fantastic games! This year the Dining Hall looked like an exotic tropical island, and there was even pineapple and beach games to complete the theme. It was an awesome night, and I was very impressed by our CITs who planned the whole thing!

When we woke up Sunday morning, it seemed like the previous night had been but a dream, but there was more fun in store to keep the amazing camp spirit going. Yesterday we had our annual Art in the Park, an outdoor festival held on Art Hill where all of our arts-based activities hold their programs outside for the day. It’s a great way for the camp to see what the arts activities get up to in a day, and a fun way for those arts programs and campers to have a fun-filled day outside! This old moose walked around Art Hill and I saw Crafts campers tie-dying shirts, Woodworking catapulting tennis balls on a homemade catapult, and Pottery doing clay facemasks! It was a great day overall, and I know all of our campers had a blast!

Well, I’m off to see what different activities are doing for Community Week…but more on that tomorrow!

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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