Shakes, Snakes, and Jumping in the Lake!

It’s been a busy few days at Manitou! We never let the heat interrupt our busy days…we just soak up the sun and keep having a blast! Plus with an amazing lake, even when it does get hot, it’s great to jump in with some friends and cool off. But enough about the weather, here’s what we’ve been up to at camp…

On Tuesday, we had a Secret Handshake competition where multiple pairs of campers showed off their super cool handshakes to the camp. There were some incredibly creative handshakes, and it reminded me once again just how talented our campers are!

Thursday was our classic ‘Manitou Thursday,’ where we drop our activity schedules for the day and do other fun and exciting things. Thursdays always start off with a sleep-in, and while most of the older campers slept soundly, our younger campers had amazing activities to participate in. They were able to go to two Hobby Hubs –activities that run Thursday mornings– and I know that our Nail Polish table and the Mini Golf tournament were both extremely popular! After those two Hobby Hubs were over, our campers were able to enjoy the wonderfully exotic animals of Reptilia–a reptile zoo experience with a wide range of snakes, lizards, and even alligators! And of course, like every Manitou Thursday, our world-famous buffet ran all morning long. Campers and staff could enjoy a wide-range of food from fruit to smoked salmon to eggs and to Will’s world famous chocolate croissants! It’s a delicious and nutritious buffet, and one of my favourite parts of camp!

As if this week wasn’t busy enough, we kicked off our annual partnership with the CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) Lake Joseph Centre. For the past few summers, we have had our L.I.T.s (Leaders in Training–second year seniors) visit the CNIB Lake Joseph Centre to learn all about accessible sites and train how to work with people who are blind or have vision impairment. This year was no different, but we had a very special addition to our Manitou-CNIB experience. After we visited the CNIB site on Wednesday and had a blast doing things like guided sight tours on a nature path, tossing people up in Inuit Blankets, and learning how to prepare a meal with no vision, the campers from CNIB came to visit us! For the first time ever, we had campers and staff from the CNIB come to Manitou and participate in some of our amazing activities. Our L.I.T.s were able to put their training to use, and our friends from the CNIB were able to do activities that they don’t have the opportunity to do at their own camp. I walked around camp and saw them working together at the Adventure Park, shooting arrows at archery, and even going up to the highest of heights on our climbing wall! It was great that after years of visiting the Lake Joseph Centre, we were able to treat them to a classic Manitou day. Our L.I.T.s learned a lot, and I hope our visits last for years to come!

A week has gone by here at Manitou, and there are more and more special things happening every day! Off to get ready for Friday Night Fireside…I can’t wait to hear what the Freshkids have to say about community. Until next time…

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

CNIB at Manitou

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