Rookie Day at Manitou!

Another day has come and gone, and yesterday was one of my favourite days of the summer so far! We woke up to another beautiful, sunny day which was perfect weather for Rookie Day 2018! For those of you who don’t know what Rookie Day is, it’s a day during camp where we welcome kids ages 5-9 up to see Manitou and experience camp for a day. They get to try different activities like Horseback Riding, Woodworking, Video, Adventure Park and more, plus they’re lucky enough to try some of Chef William’s amazing Manitou meals! Our L.I.T.s (Leaders In Training–second year seniors) guide our little Rookies around, and I know everyone was having the best day ever! They ended the day in the greatest way possible by taking home a Manitou towel, a picture to remember the day, and of course some Tuck–a Manitou favourite. It was another successful day, and I hope to see some of our Rookies as Manitou campers next summer!

Today is another exciting day at camp, with our second Intercamp of the summer, and this time we’re off to Camp Tamakwa! Once again, we’ll be competing in hockey, basketball, softball, archery, climbing, and swimming, and I know our Manitou athletes will make us proud. It doesn’t matter who wins in the end, as long as everyone has fun, and Intercamp is always a blast! Our Manitou Intercamp team is one of the most sportsmanlike and spirited groups around, and I can’t wait to hear all of the stories they tell when they return to camp.

I’ve been telling all you incredible readers about our days here at Manitou, that I haven’t told you anything about our evenings! After dinner, almost every night, we have Evening Programs–or E.P.s for short. Evening Programs are fun games, activities, or events that our amazing Unit Head team plan for their units, and they’re always creative and fun! Recently, our Freshkid Unit had a Pizza Delivery program that had Freshkid cabins attempting to deliver “pizza” to fussy Activity Head customers. It was great to see all of our Freshkids bonding as a cabin and figuring out strategies to complete their tasks. And just last night when I went over to Main Field, I saw our Sophomore Unit participating in a medical themed E.P. where cabins did activities at various stations, while also raising money for Save A Child’s Heart! It was inspiring to see our campers not only having fun, but showing that raising money and helping a good cause can be something enjoyable for everybody!

It’s time for me to get ready for the day! I’m going to get my glove and go play catch with my good pal Aaron Oelbaum, our Head of Baseball! Until next time…

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose


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