Peace, Hope, and Community!

It’s a nice and breezy day here at Manitou, and perfect weather for one of our last activity days! It’s hard to believe that Second Session has flown by so quickly, and that the summer is coming to an end. But we don’t let the dates bother us here at camp…we keep having fun and making memories until the very last second!

Campers are at their activities finishing up art projects, competing in sports tournaments, and still building on their skill set at their favourite programs! Our Manitou campers are outgoing and always willing to try new things, and it’s awesome to see how much some kids have improved at their activities and to see what they’ve made. And since it’s still Community Week up at camp, some of our activities and units are going on special trips today to do what they can to give back. Our Sophomores are spending a part of today going into town and giving cards to local businesses just to thank them and let them know that they’re appreciated. And we have campers from some of our performance-based activities–Rock Music, Guitar, Drama, and Dance–going into a Parry Sound senior’s home to perform their various talents for the residents. Both of these trips show how selfless our campers are, and how they love to give back to the community in any way they can. And for those of you who want a glimpse of what our amazing Walk of Hope looked like, our fantastic Video staff have captured it all for you in the video posted below!

It’s also very fitting that during our Community Week, we had our first Theatre show of Second Session which was Peace, with songs from Hair. The show had classic songs from the Broadway musical Hair like “Aquarius” and “I Got Life,” and perfect for Community Week, the theme of the show was all about finding peace, love, and protesting against war and violence. Our incredible Freshkids and Sophomores put on a great and meaningful show, and I can’t wait until the next show!

And just to make everything even better here at camp, we have Crestwood Day Camp visiting us for a few days to check out Manitou! There are kids big and small trying out overnight camp for the first time, and judging by their smiling faces it looks like they love it already! They get to try a whole range of activities, Evening Programs, meals, and more, and I hope we see some of our Crestwood friends around here next summer!

I’m off to Creative Arts to make some cards for staff I appreciate in camp! Until next time…

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

Walk of Hope 2018

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