Neon Day!

WEEEEEE! Today is a very exciting day up here at camp…our first ever Neon Day! But before we get to today’s festivities, I need to tell you about all our fantastic evening last night!

Our sunny Sunday ended with our usual combo of Outdoor Dinner–delicious grilled chicken burgers!–and some fun and silly Cabin Activities. I saw cabins tubing, playing mini-golf, and making cabin bracelets! It’s a great way for cabins to bond with each other, and I know a lot of great memories were made last night. After all the activities were done, our cabins that won cleanup on Thursday had their tasty ice cream sundae parties, and they made some incredible looking treats. After seeing all those sundaes, I bet other cabins will try to win cleanup next week! After all that Sunday fun it was off to bed to rest for another exciting day.

Today everyone woke up to a decorated Dining Hall, complete with neon lights, table cloths, decorations, and murals. Starting right at breakfast, everyone was already in the spirit of Neon Day, wearing their best and brightest clothing, and waving around glowsticks! But it’s not just the Dining Hall that’s been Neonified, our activities are getting in the spirit, too! Over at Creative Arts, campers are making space outfits decked out with neon tape, and Soccer has painted their soccer balls neon! Plus, right now I can see OCS playing with neon Frisbees, and Fitness and Canoe have teamed up for an ultimate ’80s style Aerobics day, and everyone is wearing their best neon workout gear! I may even head up to Culinary Arts to try one of their special neon cookies! I can’t wait to see all of the neon spirit continue at lunch today!

And as if today wasn’t exciting enough already, we also have some Manitou campers out on Intercamp for the second day in a row! Yesterday, our Under 12 teams went to Camp Tamakwa, where we competed in everything from Basketball to Swimming to Hockey! And today we have sent Under 12 AND Under 16 teams to Camp Winnebagoe, to show that same Manitou spirit and sportsmanship. It doesn’t matter who wins or loses, because everyone always has tons of fun!

I have to go now and get some neon bracelets from my friend Jordy Haar, our Head of Crafts!

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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