Visitors Day

Visitors Day


At Manitou we have one Visitors Day, a few days prior to the end of the first session.


Please limit food brought into camp and make sure nothing brought into camp contains nut/nut traces! We serve an incredible lunch at camp so no food is needed. If you do decide to bring a favourite food of your child’s, please bring only an amount that can be consumed in one day. WE WILL TAKE AWAY CASES OF DRINKS AND LARGE FOOD QUANTITIES! IT IS NOT NEEDED AND UNFAIR TO THE PARENTS AND KIDS WHO OBEY THE RULES! Please leave your child’s cellphone at home for the day.

PLEASE NOTE CAMPERS CANNOT LEAVE CAMP ON VISITING DAY. NO exceptions unless by special arrangement. An alternative visiting day on the day before can be made available with specific situations if approved by the Directors.


As the day ends, go to Camphouse Field for the official goodbye and instructions of where campers will go from there to ensure each camper is reunited with their counsellors. There will be a specific meeting spot for 11each Unit. For FRESH KIDS AND SOPHOMORES EACH COUNSELLOR will then take the entire cabin from the meeting spot to a special activity just for that age group – “usually the famous slip-n-slide”.


This is our one and only visiting time. Over the years we have tried a number of methods to show camp to families and although we love to show off our camp, you have to understand that having parents walk through camp on a daily basis can cause issues for campers. We have only one day the limit issues of:

  • Homesickness
  • Issues of parents being unable to visit
  • Dealing with trips out of camp
  • Disruption of a cabin group or activity

Visitors Day is a day that we look forward to. It is an opportunity for us to talk to you, and an opportunity for you to see camp in action. That is why we have tried to make it a more special day, with activities going on and with parent involvement. We also serve a wonderful buffet lunch that we have to admit is a tad more sophisticated than our typical lunch.

Do not worry if you can not make it to camp for Visitors Day! Because many of our campers come from long distances, not all of our campers have visitors and we make sure campers without visitors are given a special trip out of camp or are assigned to a camper with a visitor if they choose.  


Our staff agrees with the camp administration that “tipping” at Manitou is inappropriate and unnecessary. Please avoid an embarrassing moment by refraining from the practice. If you feel it is necessary, some other form of expression of your gratitude may be employed such as a small token or better yet, a letter of thanks is still the nicest way to show your appreciation.


In and around Parry Sound (about 20 miles from camp) there are a number of spots. We recommend making reservations as early as possible as they will fill up. If you know of any other great spots, let us know!



Log Cabin Inn                        (705) 746-7122

Comfort Inn                    

Quiet Bay Inn & Cafe           (705) 387-0115

Parry Sound Inn & Suites          (705) 746-7200

Glenn Burney Lodge                 (705) 746-5943

Harmony Outdoor Inn               (705) 771-9555

            Bed & Breakfasts:

Seguin Country Inn                   (705) 746-5911


Rocky Crest, Mactier, Ontario    (705) 375-2240 / 1-800-461-4454

Whitestone Lake Resort            (877) 430-0034

If you need any other assistance contact:

The Parry Sound Chamber of Commerce Information Bureau

2 Louisa Street, Parry Sound (705) 746-4213