Other Important Info

Other Important Info

CHAPTER 8: Other important information


The camp office will be based in Toronto until mid June.  In mid June we will move and you can reach us up at camp. Please be patient during our moving period, as soon as we are set up, we will return all messages.  Also a reminder, that all information will be available on-line at www.manitoucamp.com, however we will only be able to respond to e-mail before we move to camp.  NOTE: Our emergency number is listed on page 10.


Summer:                                                                      Winter:

10 Camp Road                                                               2478 Yonge Street

Parry Sound, Ontario                                                    Toronto, Ontario

P2A 2W7 CANADA                                                        M4P 2H5 CANADA

Phone:  705-389-2410                                                   Phone:  416-322-5888  

Fax:  705-389-3079                                                       Fax:  416-322-3635                  

E-mail: camp@manitoucamp.com



­­­­­­­­NAME TAGS MUST BE SECURELY SEWN/AFFIXED ON EACH AND EVERY ARTICLE OF CLOTHING.   Nametags specially made to resist fading should be ordered well in advance to avoid last minute rushing.  You may use the “iron-on” variety or attempt using special laundry markers, but you do so at your own risk.   Please use indelible ink to mark the inside of shoes, boots, etc. and make sure all racquets, cameras and other equipment are labeled clearly!  Check out www.mabelslabels.com and www.oliverslabels.com.  Even shoes should be marked and there are special tags for shoes you can purchase.  You can also use a stamp: www.tstrubberstamp.com



Laundry will be picked up once each week and returned the next day and is included in your fee.  Although we hire an excellent laundry service, it is still camp laundry. Please do not send any clothes you would be concerned about if it were to get damaged in the laundry. Remind your children to empty their pockets.



Costly equipment brought to camp such as cameras, tennis racquets, radios, iPods etc. including musical instruments are brought to camp strictly at your own risk. Try to arrange insurance coverage on these items under your own household policy.   The camp, although taking all precautions cannot be held responsible for loss, damage, or theft of any item of your child’s.   Although much care is taken by all to keep track of your camper’s clothing, by virtue of the nature of group living at camp and the rough and tumble of young spirited campers, clothing will be lost or damaged.  Therefore, parents should expect this and guide themselves accordingly by sending “disposable clothing” items whenever possible since the camp WILL NOT be held responsible for the loss, disappearance, or damage of camper’s clothing and belongings, no matter how caused!  Due to the impossible task of sorting through socks, t-shirts, etc. all clothing/equipment, we can’t guarantee that items left behind at camp will make it to you, but we will do our best.



HOW TO GET TO CAMP (from Toronto)


Drive north on Highway 400 from Toronto past Barrie (approximately 200 km)

Take exit 231 for Ontario 124 toward Sundridge/Parry Sound/Parry Sound Drive (2nd Parry Sound Drive exit)
Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Highway 124 East/Sundridge and merge onto Highway 124 East and continue for 19 km.
Turn right onto Centre Road at McKellar and continue for 5 km.
Turn right onto Camp Road and continue on Camp Road to the end of the road.





POLICY REMINDERS (The Fine Print Again)

On the application form you filled out to register your camper(s) there were several points of procedure and camp policy that you agreed to.  We felt that it was important to list some of the “small print” again here, in case you need to refer back to it at any point: (If you have any concerns about any of these terms or agreements, you should contact us about the status of your registration immediately. Please note if there is any conflict between the wording below and the wording from the camper application/contract the wording in the application shall govern. )


(Note: The term “we” herein refers to “I” in the event there is only one parent as guardian and the term “camp” refers to “Camp Manitou Inc”).

  1. An application form must be completed in full and signed by parent(s) or guardian, for Camp Manitou (hereinafter referred to as “camp”). Verbal applications are not permitted. Applications will be reviewed in the order in which they are received. Acceptance into the program is dependent on space and meeting eligibility criteria. APPLICATIONS CAN NOT BE CONSIDERED UNLESS ACCOMPANIED BY A DEPOSIT OF $1000.00 FOR EACH CAMPER. All deposits are refundable in full until May 1, 2021 due to any COVID-19 related concerns and with a full 100% refund.  After June 1, the full session fee is to be paid and is non-refundable for session changes. If camp is shutdown during the summer due to COVID-19, all fees will be charged a pro-rated cost based on days at camp. If camp is shutdown by the Provincial Government of Ontario due to COVID-19, prior to the start of camp, all fees paid will be returned. All cancellations must be communicated in writing.
  2. Balance of all camp fees are payable on or before May 1, 2021. Camp reserves the right to cancel enrollment if fees are not paid in full by May 1, 2021.
  3. All fees shall be considered due and owing and no refunds shall be given after May 1, 2021. The financial obligations of the camp are fixed for the season and the withdrawal of a camper does not lessen operating expenses. No refund or reduction will be made for dismissal or withdrawal, late arrival or early departure for any reason after May 1, 2021. Interest at 2 ½% per month shall accrue on all overdue accounts. Any additional transportation provided by the camp shall be an additional charge.
  4. Camp reserves the right to dismiss a camper and send her/ him home at any time without notice when it is deemed to be in the best interest of either the child or camp, or for violation of any camp rule/policy, all as determined by the camp in its sole and absolute discretion. No refunds shall be given under any circumstance for dismissal or withdrawal of a camper. Camp reserves the right, at any time up to the date camps starts to not allow attendance of the camper if it is deemed in the camp’s sole discretion in the best interests of the other campers. Refusing to allow a camper to come to camp could be as a result of health concerns from, for example an infectious disease, or for other medical/psychological medical reasons. Items not permitted in camp: i.e. (PSP/Gameboys, hair straighteners, cell phones, iPods, iPads, tablets, any electronics with internet, laptops) shall be confiscated, not returned to campers and will be donated to charity and the child may be sent home for the entire session.  Any camper with a cell phone or any device that is used for data or WIFI such a text messaging, social media, internet access or the like shall result in the dismissal of the camper for the entire session they are enrolled at the discretion of the Camp.
  5. Camp cannot be held responsible for lost, damaged or stolen belongings including clothing collected for laundry. Campers should not bring valuables to camp.
  6. The parent/guardian hereby consent to the use by the Camp of my child(ren)’s photo, birthday listing and name both at camp and during the year for Camp Manitou or Manitou Cares related activities for publicity or other purposes.
  7. We consent to the camp sharing our child(ren)’s contact information with other Manitou families. We have read, understood, agree with and accept Camp Manitou’s Privacy Policy including the right of the camp to retain any of your child’s camper information for use at camp to allow for the physical and emotional safety of every camper. No camper or parent shall use any Manitou name, or photo/video on any web site or the internet without our permission and if so, such camper will not be permitted to attend camp.
  8. If the camper’s medical form, fully filled out, is not received by June 1, 2021, the camp may cancel the enrolment of your child without any refund. If the camper is accepted into camp with an incomplete medical form, the camp is not liable in any way for any medical treatment given to the camper. Your child(ren)’s attendance at Camp Manitou and your relationship with Camp Manitou, its Directors, officers, employees, medical staff and agents shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario and you (the parent and guardian, and/or your heirs, executors, successors and/or assigns shall irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of Ontario in that regard. The parent/guardian give permission for our child’s health information/treatment to be shared with appropriate camp staff and outside personnel as deemed necessary.
  9. COVID-19 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Participant acknowledges that if COVID-19 continues to spread throughout Canada, it is possible that the Participant may come in contact with other adults and children, and that it is possible the Participant could become sick with or exposed to COVID-19, whether at camp or elsewhere or that such exposure could than cause others such as a family member to be exposed.  To protect the potential spread we also recommend that any child returning home from camp be quarantined for 14 days and/or be tested if they wish to ensure there is no spread of the virus. The Camp will maintain proper (and enhanced) hygiene and infection control practices at camp, and will be reviewing with the Ontario Camps Association health protocols.  It is possible that the operational program of camp could change for health reasons and if so, we will advise you so that you can prepare your child. Of course, the camp cannot guarantee that campers will not become infected with or be exposed to COVID-19. In the event camp needs to change enrolment, such that it has to cancel or change a session best efforts will be made to maintain your child’s enrolment by offering another session subject to availability. Changes will be made in priority based on the date of registration of the camper. Camp Manitou reserves the right to change or update our policies and/or programs and add reasonable Covid fees  pursuant to  recommendations and/or changes to the Ontario COVID-19 public health guidelines prior to and/or during the summer.
  10. The Camp shall not be held responsible and is hereby released from any liability for any sickness, accident or injury to our child(ren) and the parent/guardian is aware that there are risks inherent with activities that take place at any camp unless arising from wilful neglect. These risks include, but are not be limited to, bodily injury, personal injury, emotional injury and death. If your child has not been fully immunized, pursuant to Canadian and or Provincial recommendations, the Camp has the right to not accept such camper. As camp directors, our effort to ensure a safe and healthy environment at camp includes health promotion, of which immunization is a key component. By doing so, we align ourselves with school boards and Health Canada. As such we request that all campers and staff at camp have received all of the mandatory immunizations which are as follows: Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Pertussis, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio, Meningococcal C Conjugate and Chicken Pox (A COVID vaccine may be added to this list when it becomes approved). If, for whatever reason, you have elected NOT to have your child(ren) vaccinated, we ask that you indicate this to us by April 1ston the camp health form and we will decide if your child is permitted to attend camp. If your child is not permitted to attend camp we will return your deposit if notified of this by no later than April 1stand after such date the deposit shall not be returned unless the camper spot can be filled by another camper. In the unlikely event that a case of measles for example, or any other disease targeted by Ontario’s vaccination program is discovered at camp,  and your child was permitted to attend camp despite not being vaccinated.  Children who are unvaccinated will be sent home for the recommended period of isolation (i.e. measles – 21 days) without any fee adjustment.
  11. The camp is authorized to secure medical treatment for our child(ren) when appropriate, including medication, x-ray, hospitalization, anaesthesia or surgery. If for any reason our child(ren) require(s) such medical attention or special medication beyond that furnished by camp, the parent/guardian agree to be responsible for any expenses incurred, we therefore recommend you obtain medical insurance. We permit the camp to open up any mail or packages in the capacity as guardian for our child. The parent/guardian confirm that the camp complies with Canadian /Ontario law with regard to the rules of safety, and supervision for any waterfront activities such that a minimum of bronze medallion or equivalent is provided in each swim, tripping or waterfront related activity. We confirm that on a canoe trip cellular service may not be available and medical assistance is a minimum of two hours away.
  12. The parent(s) signing this contract has/have the legal guardianship of the camper(s) named and act as custodial parent(s), and are in agreement and are aware their child(ren) is/are attending camp such that whomever executes this contract has the legal authority to be able to make the decision to send their child(ren) to camp on behalf of all parents/guardians. All parents agree to read the terms of this contract and agree that unless they contact us in writing they both agree to the terms herein. The parent/guardian agree to read the Camp Manual (distributed in spring) so that we are aware of all the rules, and policies of the camp and that we understand that all of the camp rules, as outlined in the manual or otherwise apply to our child(ren) and we agree to review this manual with our child(ren) and the applicable rules/policies. The parent/guardian agrees that we will contact the camp in writing if any “accommodation” is required for our child to participate fully in the program.
  13. The parent/guardian agree to update the camp of any camp/school issues, (suspension, discipline) or social, emotional, or psychological issue that could affect our child or any other child, prior to camp. The parent/guardian further acknowledge that attendance and/or participation at Camp involves risk and hazards incidental thereto including but not limited to, bodily injury , personal injury, emotional injury and death, all of which are assumed by us and the Camp shall not be held responsible and is hereby released from any liability for any sickness, accident or injury to our child(ren).The parent/guardian hereby waive, release, absolve and agree to indemnify and save harmless Camp Manitou Inc. and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents of any and all liability arising from our child(ren)’s attendance and/or participation of the Camp program (unless solely as a result of the Camp’s willful neglect or willful default). The parent/guardian desire our child(ren) to participate in the full camp program including the zip line and challenge course and all trips (including canoe trips) unless we advise the camp of a restriction (medical or otherwise), in writing such that the Camp confirms in writing receipt of such restriction. In the event of “Force Majeure” or Act of God, meaning the occurrence of an event or circumstance that prevents the camp from fulfilling this contract, the contract is null and void. Such occurrence is something that could not be overcome by the Camp and includes, war, currency and trade restrictions, act of any government authority to close camp, plaque, epidemic, pandemic, natural disaster, weather event, nuclear or chemical contamination, explosion, fire, destruction of equipment, inability to obtain labour due to some specific labour boycott or government change.

Camp Manitou Privacy Policy

In order to meet the needs of our campers and have the ability to care for them we must collect personal information about them and their families and distribute some information to people who must care for your child, as staff or as a service provider. All of the information gathered is stored in our files, which are secured in our locked offices and processed in a secure database with appropriate access controls.


We do not sell or rent your family information to any company, organization or individual. Your contract allows us to distribute camper name and contact information only for mailing and communication purposes for other campers and staff. We do retain your information to enable us to communicate with you in the future, provide your camper with recognition for time spent at camp, provide you with information about our programs, do statistical analysis and inform you of new and exciting information that may be of interest to you.

 Should you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy we urge you to contact Mark Diamond, our Senior Director who is also our Privacy Officer at our offices. We will assume that you understand that we can collect, use, disclose as necessary and store information as set out in our Privacy Policy above.  If you do not accept our Privacy Policy and decline to allow us to use your personal information or that of your camper, we may be unable to provide the care and services to make your child safe in our setting and we will need to discuss the status of your application for your camper this summer.

Medical Form and Covid Addendum

To the best of my knowledge my child is in good health and I have fully disclosed all medical, psychological and/or emotional problems or concerns.

In case of emergency, should I not be immediately available for consultation, I hereby give permission to the physician/and or camp staff selected by the Camp Director to secure proper treatment for my child, including related transportation, injections, anesthetics, surgery or hospitalization. I agree to be responsible for any extra medical expenses incurred by my child or by Camp Manitou (the “Camp”) on behalf of my child.

If any medical information concerning your child is delivered separately from what is contained in the attached form you must confirm with us in writing that we have received such information. You agree to disclose to us any changes in your child’s health status in writing to the Camp.

PLEASE NOTE: Medications- prescription or over the counter, will be administered only if they are properly labeled by a pharmacist or physician in its original container with name of medication and dosage. All medical information will be disclosed, in addition to medical staff to other appropriate staff at camp for the safety and protection of your child.

As camp directors, our effort to ensure a safe and healthy environment at camp includes health promotion, of which immunization is a key component. By doing so, we align ourselves with school boards and Health Canada. As such all campers and staff at Camp must have received all of the mandatory immunizations which are as follows: Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Pertussis, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio, Meningococcal C Conjugate and Chicken Pox. If, for whatever reason, you have elected NOT to have your child(ren) vaccinated, you must indicate this on the camp health form. If no vaccination schedule is received, we will assume your child has not been vaccinated as required by Ontario law. Any camper without required vaccinations will have to leave Camp if an illness breaks out at Camp that could put them at risk at our doctors sole discretion with no refund of fees.

I acknowledge that Camp Manitou is committed to complying with the relevant requirements and recommendations of any national, provincial and local public health and other government authorities to reduce transmission of COVID-19 and that Camp Manitou has put in place and adopted all necessary measures to that affect. I recognize and understand these measures will not and do not eliminate all risk of harm to our family or my child and that participation in camp comes with inherent risks including many risks that are outlined in our application and one of those risks as of today is COVID-19 transmission. If COVID-19 continues to spread throughout Canada and outside of Canada it is possible that your child could become sick with or exposed to COVID-19, whether before or during camp and that such exposure could then cause others to be exposed or become sick. The Camp will maintain hygiene and infection control practices at Camp, and will be reviewing with the Ontario Camps Association, such health protocols.  It is possible that, for health reasons, the operational program of Camp could change and if so, we will advise you so that you can prepare your child. Of course, the Camp cannot guarantee that campers will not become infected with or be exposed to COVID-19. In the event public health requires reduced enrolment, the Camp will reduce sessions and equally apply shorter sessions so that as many campers as possible that originally enrolled can attend. Accordingly, I acknowledge that it is possible that session dates and the composition of camp and cabins may change.

You must indicate in writing to the Camp if your child has a pre-existing health concern that could impact their health if tested positive for COVID-19.

I will discuss with my child the importance to follow all guidelines at the Camp and protocols to prevent the spread of infection and to adhere strictly with all screening guidelines and protocols that are outlined and provided by the Camp.

Camp Manitou will be charging a COVID-19 testing fee of approximately $350-$400/camper to share in the cost of testing of campers and staff which will cover of a minimum of 3 tests for your child and for an estimated 4 tests for all staff in Camp plus any additional ongoing testing throughout the summer. I hereby give authority and consent for any testing facility or hospital to disclose to the Camp the results of all tests conducted on my child. I further give permission for Camp Manitou to provide the necessary contact information and health card information to the testing facility that will be doing any or all testing on your child(ren).

To protect the potential spread of COVID-19 we also recommend that any child returning home from Camp be quarantined for 14 days and/or be tested if they wish to avoid the spread of the virus. The Camp will provide upon written request, and for an additional fee, an at home COVID-19 test for use upon your child’s return from camp.

All deposits and fees paid can be fully refunded prior to June 1 if you choose to withdraw your child from camp due to COVID-19 risks or concerns.  For 2021, the following refund policies are now in place:

  1. As of June 1 the remaining balance of camper fees are to be paid in full. If you cancel after June1, all deposits and fees will be forfeited.
  2. Ifwe are forced to cancel your child’s entire camp session prior to its commencement, in order to assist us in defraying our fixed costs, we will keep the $1000 deposit but return the balance of fees paid.
  3. Once your child’s camp session begins and if they are required to leave camp as a result of exposure to COVID-19, positive COVID-19 testing or as a result of an order of a government authority, the pro rata fees to date of departure from camp will be non-refundable plus an additional pro rata ten days fees, to assist us in defraying our fixed costs, will also be non-refundable. Otherwise, after June 1, all fees are non-refundable.
  4. Excluded from this policy is any International camper that cannot arrive in Canada for the start of their session due to border closure.  In this event all fees will be refunded.

In consideration of Camp Manitou allowing my child to attend Camp and for other good and valuable consideration I hereby release and forever discharge Camp Manitou and its officers, directors, employees and agents from any and all claims, actions, demands, causes of action, suits, debts, duties, warranties, claims over, indemnities, contracts, losses, injuries, undertakings, covenants and liabilities of whatever nature and kind, including but not limited to claims for physical or mental injury, disease, negligence, breach of contract, breach of statutory duty or duty of care, failure to protect my child or family from the inherent or latent dangers of participating in the Camp Manitou program, that I or my child may now or hereafter have against Camp Manitou and its officers, directors, employees and agents arising from any matter or thing, including but not limited to my child’s participation in any Camp program and any COVID-19 related loss, damage, expense or injury, except as may result solely from its or their gross negligence.

All aspects of the relationship between our family and our child and the Camp and its officers, directors, employees and agents and the resolution of all disputes arising from or in connection with such relationships shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable laws of Ontario and of Canada. I agree that the Courts of Ontario shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim, legal dispute or cause of action arising out of my child’s attendance at and participation in any program of Camp Manitou,