Manitou Culture

Manitou Culture

CHAPTER 11: Manitou Culture

For our campers, staff and alumni, the experience of a Manitou summer is one of friendship, family and appreciation of the world in all its diversity.  Whether it is our Friday Night Fireside, Community Week, lighting a candle under the stars during our annual “Walk of Hope” or a program such as Gratitude with Attitude, or just sitting around the campfire with friends both new and old, Manitou campers wholeheartedly realize the power that comes from giving back to their own community as well as the wider world around them.


 In Our Manitou Family, we learn that:


  1. We all care for one another and are loyal to the friends we have
  2. We remember to appreciate each other and the natural environment around us
  3. We respect each person for who they are
  4. We take pride in creating an inclusive community where we all feel wanted and cared for; where no one is left out
  5. We understand people have different viewpoints and are willing to embrace those viewpoints
  6. We understand that camp is about making new friends and trying new things
  7. We remember to be grateful to be in such a special place
  8. We strive to reach our dreams and goals, both individually and as a community.





Being part of the Manitou family comes with a commitment to making a difference in the lives of others all year long.  The power of the Manitou community is endless; by encouraging campers, parents, staff and alumni to come together for various projects long after summer has ended, the lessons that were learned at camp become a permanent part of one’s character.  By embracing the core values of respect, appreciation and stewardship of the world by reaching outward.  We can equip kids with such core values as respect, compassion and the power of human relationships. Community events are emailed in our monthly newsletter, we hope you can join us for at least one!