Clothing List & Related Info

Clothing List & Related Info

CHAPTER 6: Clothing List and Related Information


The basic list suggests the maximum requirements for the 1st/2nd/full session. ONE OR TWO LARGE DUFFEL BAGS must be used in packing your belongings. THEY SHOULD NOT WEIGH MORE THAN 40 lbs. It is impossible for us to carry your child’s duffel if it weighs more than this. IF YOU BRING THREE DUFFEL BAGS WE WILL RETURN ONE TO YOU AS THERE IS NOT ENOUGH ROOM IN CABINS FOR THIS MUCH CLOTHING – IT’S JUST CAMP! NO TRUNKS OR SUITCASES ARE PERMITTED! Any article of clothing “too good” to be packed in a duffel bag should not be at camp in the first place. One bag should hold all bedding, shoes and miscellaneous equipment. The other should hold all folded clothing. You may also want to pack a small “backpack” with odds & ends that can be carried on the bus. NO VALUABLES SHOULD BE IN THESE BAGS AS THEY WILL BE TRANSPORTED IN A LARGE LUGGAGE TRUCK.

If you are from Toronto please use simple duffel bags, not a bag with wheels.

SOME GREAT TIPS FOR LABELING:  Get a stamp for clothing you do not care about, it’s far easier to just stamp them and for shoes and other items it can be extremely helpful.   TST Rubber Stamp makes stamps for clothing.  Also we find stick on nametags great for many sundry items and also for school, etc.  Check out and


We supply a laundry bag for each camper for our laundry service. Laundry will be picked up once each week and returned the next day and is included in your fee. Although we hire an excellent laundry service, it is still camp laundry. Please do not send any clothes you would be concerned about if it were to get damaged in the laundry. Remind your children to empty their pockets.


The following are special clothing and equipment requirements for campers participating in these activities. Remember that we are still a camp, so neither clothing nor equipment needs to be “top of the line”. Also keep in mind that clothing items listed here should replace items in the basic list rather then be packed in addition.

  • Baseball: Baseball glove
  • Canoe Tripping: Sleeping bag, water shoes optional (not CROCS), and life jacket (especially for long trips).
  • Dance: Dance shoes (ballet or jazz slippers, or tap shoes). Dance pants optional.
  • Photography: A digital camera can be brought to camp but expensive items are discouraged, as items can be lost.
  • In-Line Hockey: Roller blades and helmet with full-face shield (cage). We supply pads and sticks.
  • Rock/Guitar: We supply instruments and amps.
  • Tennis: Tennis shoes (could be second pair of shoes in clothing list) and racquet.
  • Water sports: Life jackets are optional to bring (but mandatory to wear, so your own may be more comfortable if wearing one regularly).


If there is anything you should remember it is your sleeping bag!

This list is based on a 3, 4, 7 week session.  Short sessions can bring less if there is no chance your child is staying on longer.




12 t-shirts (short sleeved) 6 towels (for showers and swimming)
4 long sleeved t-shirts 2 small hand towels
3 warmer long sleeved sweat shirt 1 toothbrush
6 pairs of shorts 1 tube of toothpaste
4 pairs long pants (jeans or sweatpants) 2 bars of soap (biodegradable)
12 pairs underwear 1 bottle of shampoo
12 pairs of socks 1 hairbrush (or comb)
4 Swimsuits 1 soap container
3-4 pairs pajamas (warm and light) 1 toiletry case
3 sun hats 1 large box of tissue
2 Sneakers/running/cross trainer shoes

(if your child for example plays tennis a lot make sure one is specifically for tennis/cross trainer)

1 bottle of sun tan lotion
1 stick of deodorant
1 bottle of hand sanitizer
1 pair rubber boots or hiking boots.  water shoes are optional for canoe trips
1 Pair of sandals
1 lightweight jacket MISCELLANEOUS
1 warm jacket (or light ski jacket)
1 rain coat 1 Flashlight and or lantern (if power goes out)
2 Plain white t-shirts for silk-screening for camp programs 1 letter writing materials, dark blue/black pens for outgoing mail, and stamps
1 mosquito repellent
BEDDING 1 water bottle
4 sheets (2 flat, 2 fitted single bed) 1 fun costume (Halloween for 2nd session)
2 warm blankets, and/or comforter 1 old t-shirt(s) for messy programs, tie-dye etc.
2 pillowcases 1 musical instrument
1 sleeping bag (for canoe trips and last night) 1 shoe bag (to hold sundry items, not shoes)
1 pillow 1 Blue, yellow, green and red shirt

(1st session camp wide program – include these in short sleeve t-shirt total)



  • CELL PHONES, SMARTPHONES, IPHONES, SMARTWATCHES– we spend more unnecessary time reacting to calls- DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT PLEASE!  You cannot take out the SIM card and bring your phone.
  • MP3 PLAYERS WITH SCREENS  – exception is basic mp3, ipod shuffle, ipod nano
  • Money (or poker chips etc), Any valuables should go directly to the camp office.
  • Laptops, iPads, DVD players, E-Readers, video recorders, Gameboys, PSPs or other video game devices
  • Hot pots, kettles, hair straighteners, hair dryers, electric fans or any small plug-in appliances
  • Walkie-talkies or other portable communication devices
  • Bottled Water, snacks, candy, or other food for the cabin (and absolutely no food with nuts)
  • Portable shelving, Furniture (including folding chairs), large equipment (skateboards, bikes).
  • Knives, duct tape or similar maintenance supplies
  • Lighters, slow burning items (incense, mosquito coils), fireworks, smoke bombs (or an similar “fun tricks”)

What electronic devices are permitted at Camp Manitou?

We ONLY allow personal music devices and digital cameras. Personal music devices must not have a screen and may only be used to listen to music in the cabin. There are three types of personal music devices allowed at Manitou: a standard mp3 player, an iPod Shuffle, or an iPod Nano. We understand an iPod Nano has a small screen – and unlike most camps we will not prohibit their use because know music is very important to our campers. Unfortunately, if you have any other type of iPod we do not allow these devices at camp. If they are brought to camp, they will be confiscated. In addition, if you choose to send/bring an iPod Nano to camp and we find you watching a video (even on that SMALL screen), we will confiscate your device for the duration of the camp season. EBAY and AMAZON have basic MP3 players and BEST BUY has good options too!

What electronic devices are NOT ALLOWED at Camp Manitou?

Please assume that items not found on the list above are NOT ALLOWED at camp. This includes the use of ereaders. Of course, items that are capable of uploading or downloading data of any kind or being used as telephones are prohibited at camp and use of these items will cause for confiscation and campers may be sent home for the duration of the season.

INTERNATIONAL CAMPERS: Bedding, towels etc. will be provided for campers who are travelling from outside North America because of baggage restrictions when flying internationally.


Campers do not need money at camp. The only exception is for campers with emergency money at the airport. If your child brings cash to camp we are not responsible for it being lost or stolen. In the event your child has money at camp, it should be placed in the camp safe. If your child requires such money, 24 hours notice must be given for your child to receive such funds and such funds must be used for appropriate camp purposes.

REMEMBER YOUR BASIC FEE COVERSAll sundry items at the tuck shop, (If we do not have it we will drive to get it!) and all prescriptions, laundry, tuck, world games t- shirt, etc.