Camp Policies

Camp Policies

CHAPTER 2: Camp Policies  

*Please read very carefully*

We are firmly committed to maintaining Manitou as a safe, secure, wholesome environment for children.  To ensure that this is so, we have attempted to make an explicit code of conduct that all are expected to adhere to while at camp. Please read the policies listed below carefully so that there is a shared understanding about what behaviors are deemed unacceptable in our setting.  Familiarize yourselves as well with the consequences of violating these rules.  We all benefit from knowing in advance what is expected of us and what the consequences of infractions to Manitou’s policies are.

The following policies are only a list of some of the most serious violations.  Any camper who violates these policies, as listed below, or violates any other serious rule or policy or any camper who jeopardizes the safety or contentment of others or themselves can be dismissed from camp.  Please note that such dismissal in the sole discretion of the camp director or directors, and such camper will not be entitled to a refund. Inappropriate behaviour, damaging property, raiding cabins or sneaking out of cabins to spend time with a girl/boy are examples of such behaviour.

Your child’s attendance at camp constitutes acceptance of all camp policies here set out or from time to time established as the need may arise.  These policies must be read by you and reviewed with your child.  Of course, for younger campers, certain issues that you feel are not age appropriate may be avoided, but as parents you should know that these policies are enforced equally for all campers of all ages.

1. Campers are not permitted to possess and/or consume in any manner or be in the presence of someone using or possessing, drugs of the hallucinatory variety or used to give you a “high” and/or prescriptive medicines or drugs unless prescribed by a physician and registered immediately upon arrival. First Offense: Immediate dismissal from camp.
2. Campers are not permitted to bring, possess  or be in the presence of  someone possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages, and/or drugs including medical marijuana, hashish, or similar drugs that are often found in vaporizers, g pens, pipes, bongs, Juuls,  edibles, juuls, e-cigarettes, etc First Offense: Immediate dismissal from camp.
3. Smoking by campers is strictly prohibited including smoking with cigarettes, cigars, Gpens, Juuls, e-cigarettes, vaporizers. pipes, vapes, etc.   If you use a vape, Juul , or other mechanical means to smoke a substance it is assumed it is a drug and the camper will be dismissed.   We are not in a position to distinguish between what is in a mechanical device to smoke. Furthermore as such electronic means of smoking are a health hazard and could cause damage to campers lungs or medical issues the camper will be sent home. First Offense: Will be dismissed from camp.  Use of mechanical means to smoke – (vape, juul, etc is grounds for dismissal).  
4. No camper shall act in a violent or aggressive manner, or cause physical assault, or cause to threaten such behavior.  No camper shall tease, bully, or pick on another camper. No camper shall discriminate or say a racist remark or be perceived to do so.  Passive indirect support of bullying and inappropriate behaviour is also considered an offence.  Campers must be pro-active and take a stand to stop inappropriate behaviour. First offense: Parents may be informed and child may be sent home.  Loss of privileges, restitution and/or probationary action may also be appropriate.
5. Campers are not permitted to leave camp property without official camp staff supervision, unless the camp has a) written consent from his/her parents and b) permission from the Director obtained by following the prescribed checkout procedures available only through the camp's central administration office.

First Offense: Loss of privileges and parental involvement.

Second Offense: Dismissal from camp.

6. All campers must abide by established curfews. Campers that are found sneaking out of the cabin, especially for the purpose to engage in conduct inappropriate, such as raiding cabins, or to engage in inappropriate conduct, or to do anything offensive may be dismissed from camp.

First Offense: Loss of privileges and may be dismissed from camp depending on severity of action.

Second Offense: Probationary action and depending on severity parents informed. May be dismissed from camp

Third Offense: Dismissal from camp.

7. Male campers are not permitted in Girls camp or female camper cabins, and female campers are not permitted in Boys camp or male camper cabins, unless to attend an activity or with permission. NOTE: If campers are found in cabins of the opposite gender and is/are acting inappropriately (in the director’s sole discretion), such campers may be immediately dismissed from camp. If any camper is found out of their cabins after curfew the night before changeover or the last night of camp a zero tolerance policy shall apply and such camper will not be invited back to camp next summer.

First Offense: Loss of privileges or dismissal in specific circumstances outlined

Second Offense: Probationary action and depending on severity, time of offence, parents may be informed.

Third Offense: Parents informed and/or dismissal from camp.  (Note campers out of camp on the last night of a session, or campers in cabins of the opposite gender, at any time may be considered a third offense offender immediately.)

8. Campers are required to attend all activities they have registered for except when a) excused by a Director or b) excused for reasons of health by the camp medical staff.

First Offense: Discussion with camper and guidance.

Second Offense: Mandatory transfer to another activity, discipline and loss of privileges.

Third Offense: Parental involvement.

9. Willful damage to camp property and equipment is a serious offense.  All campers are expected to treat all property and equipment with the care and the respect accorded to their own personal property. This includes writing in camper cabins or buildings.

First Offense: Loss of privileges and parents held responsible for cost of repair or camp replacement or may be dismissed from camp.  Maintenance work this summer or the following summer.

Second Offense: Dismissal from camp.

10. Defacing camp property in any way will not be tolerated.  Any graffiti including writing, drawing, carving or painting names/pictures etc. on furniture, cabins or building walls are all examples of this and will be considered a serious offense.

First Offense: Loss of privileges and parents held responsible for cost of repair or camp replacement or may be dismissed from camp. Maintenance work this summer or the following summer.

Second Offense: Dismissal from camp.

11. Theft or conversion of the camp's or other person's property to their own use, however small is a serious offense.  Gambling is a criminal offence and no gambling, i.e. poker, for money or merchandise will be permitted. All camper money must be in office.

First Offense: Loss of privileges and parents advised restitution to be made. Camper may be dismissed from camp.

Second Offense: Dismissal from camp.

12. No camper is permitted to possess or use fire, candles, mosquito coils or fireworks of any kind anywhere. First Offense: Confiscation, parental involvement, and possible dismissal from camp.
13. No camper is permitted to possess a knife or any kind of other sharp or dangerous tool or weapon, real or fake. First Offense: Confiscation of item, parental involvement and possible dismissal from camp.
14. No camper is permitted to tamper with any safety devices including fire alarms, fire extinguishers and/or fire buckets.

First Offense: Loss of privileges and parental involvement.

Second Offense: Probationary action, parents informed and possible dismissal from camp.

15. No camper shall bring to camp a cellular phone, or screen of any type to camp (i.e. iPod touch) or use the camp phone without permission of the Camp Director. No camper shall bring an electrical appliance, iPad or laptop without permission of the Camp Director. No camper shall use any electronic device to watch videos, download, play electronic games, use the internet or for communication purposes of any type. First Offense: Camper is sent home for summer.
16. Electrical appliances are a safety hazard.  No hot-pots, hair straighteners, microwaves, extension cords, fans, and the like.   First offense: Camper will be sent home as this is a safety hazard and risk to other campers.
17. No camper shall take any photo, or video for the sole purpose of posting it on the web.  All campers shall comply with the Technological policy as indicated below.  VIDEOS SHALL NOT BE TAKEN AT CAMP. First offense: Cause for immediate dismissal or if this occurs during the off season such camper shall not be permitted back at camp at the discretion of the director.

OUR TECHNOLOGY POLICY: We believe camp is about unplugging from the world around us and teaching children the value of play and direct communication. Please note our policy: if your child watches a video on an iPod, or plays electronic games or uses a phone, to text or communicate in any way, or use an iPod or screen or any type to get on internet or connect on data it is a serious offence and the camper is sent home for the summer.

WHILE NOT AT CAMP: We also share the concerns of many institutions and families regarding the dangers associated with the Internet, while not at camp, from cyber bullying, to inappropriate photos and communications to just being plain disrespectful.  Please make it clear to your child that we will not tolerate or permit any reference to any camper or staff or to Camp Manitou on the web that is in any way negative or could be construed as negative, whether it be a photo or written word.  Of course, cyber bullying or actual face to face bullying outside of camp to another camper will cause a camper to not be invited back to camp but lack of respect to Manitou or our campers is also cause for a camper to not be invited back to camp.  We are committed to the emotional safety of all of our Manitou family.  Accordingly, all campers must be respectful in all communications on the Internet, campers must not use profanity or inappropriate language on the web, campers must not use any web site, or blog or other Internet medium to disparage the camp or its campers, or humiliate, be disrespectful or demeaning.  Campers shall not place any videos on any web site without the camp’s consent and if a camper places any photos on the web they must be clearly construed as being positive images that are respectful to the campers and the camp. Any reference on the web to drugs, sexual matters, alcohol, harassment or any forms of disrespect or bullying is not permitted.

WHILE AT CAMP:  It goes without saying that Camp Manitou has one of the strictest no bullying policies, but we expect children to go beyond that expectation. Please discuss with your child the importance of being respectful to all of their peers and staff and to go out of their way to include people.  Everyone should feel comfortable and respected by their peers as part of the Manitou family.

PHYSICAL SAFETY:  Although we have never had any serious problems in the past, safety is always our top priority at Manitou.  During pre-camp, our staff will go through extensive training on reacting to emergencies (such as fire or campers missing either in the water or on land), first aid, general camper health as well as emotional safety.  We go to great lengths to ensure that our staff are fully trained, and stress that safety is a team responsibility.   For the safety of all campers and staff, we will not allow electrical appliances, extension cords, electric blankets, blow dryers, hair straighteners, hot pots, cardboard shelving, electric fans, candles, mosquito coils etc. in cabins.  Cabins can operate on one radio or stereo, mp3 speaker if necessary.  Smoking is not allowed in cabins or in camp, except for staff at a designated time and location.  Note:  one blow dryer per cabin is allowed but we prefer to supply the hair dryer, so we do not end up with cabins having many hair dryers, and therefore creating a safety hazard.

We will not tolerate any exceptions to these rules.  We ask that you not pack any of these items with your camper to avoid confiscation or your child being sent home.  Also, make sure that the camp policies section has been understood by your camper to help minimize risky situations.