ManitouCares Thursday Morning Fun!

Today was our first Sleep-in ‘Super’ Thursday of the summer. Some of our Senior campers, (The ‘LITs’), ran incredible and entertaining programs for our Fresh and Sophomore early risers as they were asked to create and run various hour long activities and look to link them to our ManitouCares program. The goal of our ManitouCares program, is to instill in our children core values of empathy, and the importance of giving back to the world around them.

The 9:00 – 10:00 programs were ‘paint twister’ and ‘gaga’. Several younger campers loved putting their hands and feet on the various twister circles of paint and trying to maintain their balance while their friends were maneuvering all around them. We had a huge turnout for gaga. Campers cheered on their friends as the LITs participated and learned from their young participants how to play gaga the Freshkid and Sophmore way! Both of these activities asked participants who were eliminated pay-it-forward. Each camper was asked to go out of their way throughout the day to do something kind for someone else. Some examples of these ‘pay it forward’ already today have included assisting peers with their cabin clean-up, paying complements to others and supporting peers in cabin-activities.

The 10:00 – 11:00 activity, was a three-on-three basketball tournament to raise money for Kids in Camp. ‘KIC’ is a registered charity which subsidizes camp experiences for children all over Ontario. They assist families, who otherwise would not be able, to send their kids to camp. The two LITs who organized and ran the tournament selected Kids in Camp to be the recipient of the proceeds raised from the tournament because they felt incredibly fortunate to be able to attend summer camp and wanted to be able to help other kids who may not be as fortunate attend and enjoy camp too. Camp agreed to donate a dollar amount for every camper who signed up for the tournament. We had a record number of camper participants for any Thursday programing at the 3-on-3 tournament. We are thrilled to be making a very generous donation to Kids in Camp. The best part was seeing these LITS announce this program at Flagpole, lead it and then see them beaming with pride about how successful it was and how much money was raised!

Our LITs ran incredible programing that was organized and well thought out. They really stepped up and showed the camp that they are leaders in our community and embrace the messages we strive for in our Manitou Cares Program. We are excited for next Thursday when we have a new group of LITs who have volunteered to run different engaging programs that again will be entertaining and relate to the values and themes we strive to teach at Camp Manitou.

Great job LITs!

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