Manitou got a lot of history. What’s yours?

Recognize anybody in this photo? Don’t worry, most folks wouldn’t. That’s because this photograph was taken in 1959, the year Camp Manitou was founded. A parent sent it in, pointing out that the woman on the bottom left is the grandmother of the Sarick-Whiteside siblings (currently a staff and CIT camper)!

While fashions may have changed and the building pictured here may be long gone, the spirit of this photo is alive and well at camp in 2016. Frankly, it got us thinking about all the other dusty photographs there must be out there dating back as far as Manitou’s founding! Ever since we started learning about the camp’s aboriginal heritage last month, we’ve been finding new ways to appreciate our summer home away from home.

We also recognize that the passing down of stories is what makes families send generations after generations of their own to camp, and we’d love to be a part of sharing camp history.

So, do you have an old photo of yourself, your friends or your family at Manitou? How about a camp story or memory to share from a time before Mark and Jeff? Let us know about it in the comments section or send it in to camp[at]!

Nostalgically yours,

Manny Moose & The Entire Manitou Family

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