Manitou and Save A Child’s Heart!

It was another beautiful day at Manitou, and I’m still inspired from last night! We had Friday Night Fireside—one of my favourite parts of camp—and it was an extremely special edition. As the entire camp walked down to Fireside, we were greeted with the lovely sound of the Activity Heads and Specialists singing “Waiting on the World to Change” by John Mayer. It was so nice to hear all of the Head Staff voices blending together to bring such a wonderful song to us.

Once they were done, we gave out our traditional candles to our campers and staff for going above and beyond during the week, and then we heard from some very special guests. First we had Karen Diamond, from the board of Save A Child’s Heart, tell us about how the organization was brought to Canada and all the amazing things they do for kids all around the world. Next we had the Baldwin family, made up of Melissa and Larry and two of their five children Benjamin and Madeline, who came to us from California to tell us their moving story, and how they were helped by the incredible organization Save A Child’s Heart. Melissa told our campers and staff all about how after their family was complete, they were approached to adopt Benjamin, a boy from China. Benjamin had to be operated on immediately by Save A Child’s Heart in Israel, and through fantastic fundraising efforts, not only was Benjamin’s life saved, but he was united with his new family! We were then treated to a sweet musical interlude when some of our campers performed “Blackbird” by The Beatles…it was amazing! Our Manitou family then gave a huge round of applause when Benjamin and the Baldwins read our Manitou poem, and then we all ended Fireside with our classic Manitou song, “Deep In The Heart Of The North.”

But the night was not over yet! After Fireside, our C.I.T.s and Senior Unit campers saw an amazing documentary showing the life and death decisions of the doctors working at Save A Child’s Heart, and how all of their incredible work helps people worldwide. We had a wonderful question and answer period after the movie, and I was so impressed by the questions coming from our brilliant campers!

All of the inspiring messages we heard tonight are what define the Manitou experience, and allows all of us to remember that true happiness comes from giving back to others and putting yourself second.

If you want to see more of our journey with Save A Child’s Heart, watch the video below.

Off to go say goodbye to all our Rookie Day campers…I made a bunch of new friends! But you’ll hear all about that tomorrow! Until next time…

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

SACH at Fireside

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