Making Connections!

After a busy Saturday, I can’t wait to update you all on everything that’s been happening up here at camp! All of our staff arrived safe and sound, and were greeted by our snazzy new tech signs posted all around the camp that remind us Manitou 2018 is all about finding the connection WITHOUT all of that technology! The best connections are the ones we make with each other, and these signs are just helpful reminders of that. That’s one of our amazing CIT co-ordinators Josh Robins posing with one of the beautiful posters, and look at how happy he is without any cellphone in sight!

After our staff were off the bus and put into their units, it was off to the races! We sat by the fire with our fearless leaders Mark and Jeff as they recounted their story of Manitou and how it’s their 20th year at the camp. And then all of a sudden, a birthday party began! Some of our enthusiastic veteran staff members all dressed up as different themed birthday parties and led the rest of our staff around camp in some silly games. If you looked one way, there was Luau playing musical chairs against Superhero parties, and if you looked the other way, Team Quincanera was battling Hoedown in a relay race. Plus, we got to decorate some birthday cakes, play pin the tail on the donkey, and even make up a new and improved happy birthday song—because this isn’t just a normal birthday!

And after all of that wackiness was done, our staff gathered around the campfire for some S’mores—a classic Manitou tradition. It was a time to relax, laugh, and meet new friends. I can’t think of a more camp-y way to end the day than around the campfire with some buddies.

Looks like it’s time to do my swim check now…until next time!

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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