LITs are Soup-er Stars!

Thursdays at Manitou are a bit of a lazy day. Campers have the option to sleep in and of course our hobby hubs offer an assortment of fun for those earlier risers..… yet today was a little bit unusual. We were very impressed that even though sleeping-in is a Thursday tradition, all of the male Leaders-in-Training (LITs) woke up, shook the cobwebs out and were at Mark and Jeff’s cabin for 10:00am. These enthusiastic Manitou guys met with Barrie and Wendy from the Summer Stock program launched by Soup Sisters and were part of a very special initiative on behalf of Manitou Cares.

 The Summer Stock program is one terrific initiative: campers and counsellors learn valuable cooking skills and along the way, become young philanthropists in a hands-on, fun and meaningful way. The male LITs sliced, diced and stirred ingredients to create a delicious mushroom barley soup and a hearty hamburger soup and in the process were delivered an impactful presentation by Soup Sisters on what makes for a strong, safe and respectful relationship. In keeping with the philosophy that Manitou wishes to instill in all of our campers, Soup Sisters provided these young men with a specific set of tools in a very unique and supportive youth-focused environment.

 The girls were a bit luckier: they got to sleep in and participate in the Summer Stock program! In the afternoon, all of our female LITs gathered and also took part in making two soups while being taught the same relevant lessons on healthy, safe relationships. The female campers made a nourishing chicken soup and a very tasty pasta vegetarian soup.

At 2:30pm, two representatives from the Parry Sound Women’s Shelter came to speak to all of Manitou’s LITs and their staff. They graciously thanked our LITs and LIT staff for their efforts in preparing and labelling the soup — and of course for the soup itself which will go a long way to nourishing those in need. They talked about the shelter in Parry Sound and how appreciative they are that the soup would be going to help people who are suffering and need it most. Our LITs should be proud of themselves and take forward the feeling that every act of kindness, no matter how big or how small, creates positive change in our world.

We look forward to cooking more soup in August with the Soup Sisters!

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