IT’S TIKTOK TIME: Join the #manitouchallenge!

We are very excited to announce we’ve just dropped our very first TikTok! Now this isn’t just any regular TikTok…we’ve created our very own original TikTok dance to a BRAND NEW Manitou Remix! So grab your family, your friends or do it solo and join us for the TikTok #manitouchallenge – let’s go viral this weekend! CLICK HERE to watch the TikTok and use our remix to create your own. Make sure to tag us (@manitoucamp) when you post and use the hashtag #manitouchallenge. If you don’t have TikTok, feel free to post and tag us on Instagram too! Our very own senior girls unit head, Halle has created a 5 minute easy-to-follow tutorial, so you can take your time this weekend to learn it at your own speed. We can’t wait to see your #manitouchallenge posts soon!



Thanks to the 50+ campers, CITs and staff who joined us Thursday evening for our Character Powers workshop. It was incredible to join forces with both our Unit Heads and the founder Michael Kronick to discover our inner Character Powers. We now all have the ability to create our own Character Powers cards! We look forward to sharing this social and emotional learning activity that emphasizes positivity & wellness with our community!

If you would like to support the program, Manitou has also been given an exclusive promotional code for discounted access to the Character Powers reading cards. Included is a collection of 22 visually appealing cards that tell the diverse stories of people who have lived their lives exhibiting strength in character. Learn about their stories and be inspired by their Character Powers. Additional cards with instructions, definitions and make-your-own templates are also included to enhance your Character Powers experience. By using the promo code MANITOU, you will get 25% off your order! CLICK HERE to purchase your Character Powers reading cards. This is the perfect activity for the whole family!

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