It’s Showtime!

We woke up to a bit of rain on this Manitou morning…but it didn’t dampen our spirits! Our campers and staff were still running around, laughing, and playing, and the sun is starting to come out from behind the clouds to make it another beautiful day! It is officially our last activity day of the summer, and we want to make it the best one yet!

But before I go into all of the excitement of today, I have to catch all you readers up on last night. We had our final Friday Night Fireside of the summer, and it was another inspiring evening. After the Unit and Dave Sheffe Memorial Staff Candles were given out to honour someone who has gone above and beyond this week, we heard from our C.I.T.s who spoke beautifully about our theme of the summer “Caring Is Community,” and their own lives at camp and beyond.

Alex Rossi, someone who has seldom spoken publicly volunteered to speak on the theme because for him Manitou’s community and kindness changed his life. Here are some quotes from his wonderful speech: “My hand shot up immediately to speak, but for those of you that know me you know that I am not that eloquent when it comes to my words. But this year’s theme is so dear to my heart and has been for such a long time. What makes you guys keep coming back each year…if it was just the activities or good food and special programs, my super homesick and scared out of my wits Freshkid self would have grabbed my Spongebob bed sheets and said goodbye forever. The reason i came back was because of this community that always has been maintained every year. It’s the amazing staff that allow you to make you feel like you are an awesome person that kept me coming back in my Fresh and Sophomore years and after that the 54 people in this unit sitting over there that consistently make me a part of their family.” It was an emotional moment when the entire C.I.T. unit then gave Alex a standing ovation for his incredible and heartwarming speech.

We ended Fireside as we always do, with our poem and song, and then we were off to our next destination, because the night was just beginning! Everyone in camp then went to the theatre for a double-bill performance of the Dance Show and the Junior Theatre Show. The Dance Show was, once again, a thrilling and excitement performance, and I was extremely impressed by our group of talented dancers. Our second show was titled The Manitou Show: Here We Go Again, and once again creativity was on display! The Junior campers showed off their acting and singing chops, and the group of C.I.T.s who wrote the show should be so proud of the fantastic play that they made.

After an amazing evening of speeches and theatre, everyone was off to bed, and I know they were excited for the day we have today. Not only is it our final activity day, but we have so much more going on! Today the remainder of our Blanket recipients will be honoured with their 10 Year Blankets, and I can’t wait to hear all the speeches about them and their life growing up at Manitou. Later this evening, we have our final show of the summer Les Miserables which is bound to be an amazing show based on the rehearsals I’ve heard coming from the theatre! And finally, this evening, we have the most anticipated part of camp: the start of World Games! Our campers will find out what country they will be representing, and who their fearless leaders will be. I can’t wait for the next three days of cheering, spirit, and sportsmanship, but more on that later! Tune in the next couple of days to find out what our secret countries are, and keep up to date with all of the exciting events that are in store for our campers and staff.

I’m off to Woodworking now to finish off the chair I’ve been making! Until next time…

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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