How We Keep Cool At Manitou!

Although Manitou 2018 has just started, there is one thing we know about the summer already…it has been hot hot hot!!! While we don’t have much A/C like you readers may in the city, up here we have other ways of beating the heat including the beautiful winds that cross the lake, go up Main Field and keep us all refreshed. Here are the top ten ways we keep cool at Manitou.

1 ) Hats: Hats are the first stage in our trifecta of keeping safe while it’s hot and sunny outside. Not only do they keep your face protected from the sun, but they look cool, too! I love seeing everyone’s different hats, and I like when people get to see all my stylish caps, as well! We even have one cabin wearing all the same bucket hats- sent up by a camper parent – and the kids love it!

2 ) Water: In the middle of our “keeping safe trifecta,” we have water. We all forget to drink water sometimes—even me! —so it’s important we keep reminding each other to bring our water bottles around camp and keep drinking throughout the day. Even Dr Perlon has been reminding campers to drink water all day long. We also have Gatorade stations set up for all campers to fill up their water bottles on hot days, in addition to our many water fountains serving up our Manitou Springs delicious water…best water this side of Fiji!

3 ) Sunscreen: Completing our trio of safety is sunscreen. Here at camp we always lather up in sunscreen in the morning, and since there are sunscreen bottles all around camp, including at the office and at every activity, everyone is able to keep reapplying throughout the day. Every morning we all chant “Hats! Water! Sunscreen!” It’s so catchy, I bet you’ll be saying it, too!

4 ) The Shade: When it’s a sunny day, that sunshine covers pretty much the whole camp. But, there are some nice spots of shade under trees and at activities that are great to sit in on a hot day. I’ve been known to be found in a nice bit of shade reading my book and sitting with friends. Wait until you see our new shade spots built all around camp!

5 ) Taking Breaks: We’re always busy, busy, busy here at camp, but it’s important to stop and take a break once in awhile. In this heat, I have seen lots of activities take breaks together, relax for ten minutes, or jump into the “Car Wash” or a sprinkler and go back into action!

6 ) Snack Attack: Some of you may be wondering how snack could ever help beat the heat, but here at Manitou our Snack Attack is always something cold and refreshing. Whether it’s juice boxes, Freezies, or popsicles, Snack Attack is always a great way to keep cool.

7 ) Jumping in the Lake: One of the reasons we always have lifeguards on call at camp is because we know Manitou campers and staff love cooling off in the lake. It’s a great way to beat that heat quickly, and it’s refreshing! Our beautiful Lake Manitou-Wabing is always at a perfect temperature for swimming, and even I’ve been known hang out with friends while taking a dip. We have a quick and easy system for cabin groups to take a quick dip!

8 ) Making Fans: Our Manitou campers are always thinking quick and creatively, and the past few days have been no exception. I have seen all sorts of handmade fans around, all crafted from paper and in different ways. They’re easy to make, and they’re a simple way to be comfortable in the cabin, the dining hall, and all around camp!

9 ) Find That Breezy Spot: Just like finding the shade at camp, there are some secret breezy spots in camp that can cool anyone off. Yesterday, I spent a couple of minutes with some friends just standing in the breezing and letting it wash over us. If you can find that breeze, you’ll feel refreshed and ready for the rest of the day. Here’s a tip: look at the trees around you and see if any leaves are blowing…it’s likely whatever is making them move will be that perfect breeze you’ve been looking for. It’s so breezy on Main Field as you approach the lake and it’s the perfect place to hang out on a hot day.

10 ) Manitou’s Legendary “Car Wash”: Just like Snack Attack, we have some funny terminology at camp. The Car Wash isn’t actually for vehicles at all…it’s for our campers and staff! If it’s a hot day but you don’t feel like jumping in the lake, the Car Wash is the next best thing. Looking like an outdoor hut with sprinklers on the roof, the Car Wash can get rid of that heat with a quick run or stroll through it, plus it can make anyone smile!

We’re keeping cool up at Camp with these ten tips, and we’re having a blast as always! I hope everyone is beating that heat wherever you are, too. Off to play tennis with my pal Jose, our amazing Head of Tennis. Until next time…

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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