How To Write A Proper Letter To Your Child At Camp

Who doesn’t love receiving a letter?  There is nothing better than opening up mail, seeing the handwriting and the personal touch that goes with every word and thought.  The key to a good letter is that its descriptive and starts off letting your child know how lucky they are to be at camp. To indicate you are so proud of them and that you want to hear all about their stories, activities and adventures.  The key is asking lots of questions that lead the child to think about the wonderful things that camp offers. That means asking about their friends, the staff, the activities, their favourite meal, etc.  There is a big difference between saying have you made friends and what is the food like versus saying “what is your favourite meal so far and is there anyone you have become friendly with yet?   Talking about home is fine if it’s positive news only but don’t talk about all the fun things at home for obvious reasons.  The key is to think – “Am I writing anything in this letter that my child is unable to do anything about and will make them upset or worry.”  If your child is not a first time camper or a bit older you may want to discuss their goals for the summer in terms of skills or leadership. When closing off,  it’s not a great idea to say you miss them because it can make them feel guilty for being there. Instead a simple “I love you so much and wish I was as lucky as you to be at camp”.

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