Our Staff

Our Staff

Our staff are our strength: The best camper staff ratio in the camping world: With over 200 staff and an average of 430 campers per summer it’s hard to imagine a better staff supervision ratio! But even more important, Manitou has an adult nine person camp director team made up teachers, professionals and parents allowing for the ultimate in staff training, support and ongoing supervision of your child. Additionally we have over 60 older and mature staff (mostly college graduates), who are excellent role models, setting a positive tone and mature culture ensuring that your child is constantly being supervised, comforted and protected.

The entire 60 person head staff team of directors, office staff, activity heads, specialists and unit heads meet every morning for up to half an hour allowing for every leader/supervisor in camp to be made aware of any important camper issues, from homesickness, the health of a child, whether a physical or emotional concern. These concerns if appropriate are then passed on to the staff under that supervisor, whether at an activity or in the unit so that any staff your child sees that day can discreetly understand their individual needs.


“All of the counsellors and campers are very welcoming to any new camper that walks off the bus into the camp. If a camper has a problem, their counsellors are always open to help them, with a happy and caring attitude.”

-Alex, Freshkid

“Right from the beginning the staff at camp were so welcoming and approachable. My counsellors really helped me settle in and made sure I felt like a part of the Manitou family. I can’t wait to come back next summer!”

-Natalie, Junior Girl

“To tell you the truth, camp is awesome. Everyone makes you feel at home. And if you’re homesick, the staff will help you with that. I love my counsellors!”

-Thomas, Sophomore Boy

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