International Campers

International Campers

A Place to Grow

At Manitou, our value system is at the core of everything we do as we embrace a culture that emphasizes respect for oneself and others, for new ideas and for the natural environment. Children leave camp bringing home important life skills they require to function as healthy adults; resilience, cooperation, leadership, empathy, social responsibility and an appreciation for what they have with an understanding of how they can contribute to the world around them. Our ultimate goal is to build character, and cultivate confidence in your child. We view our role as camp directors in supporting your family a full year obligation.

We welcome campers from all over the world from Canada, USA, Mexico, China, France, Japan, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Barbados, Bermuda, South Africa, Lebanon, Australia, Germany, Vietnam and more!

Learn English in a Camp Setting



We know learning to speak English is very important for our Spanish families. Most everything we do at camp is in English and we do it without schoolbooks! Campers will learn through play and experience. However, we do have staff who speak Spanish who can assist but for the most part, children will pick up the English language in our camp setting as they are immersed in it through their friends and counsellors.

We focus much of our time and energy on helping our new campers feel relaxed and nurtured while they are at camp. We know this is a big leap of faith on your family’s part. Right from the outset, campers will email your child to welcome them to the Manitou family. Usually, there are other campers on the airplane and/or bus that we can introduce your campers to, and of course our staff are there to ensure they arrive safe and happy. Campers will then join us at at our wonderful chapel  where all of the new campers are given a special welcome by our existing campers.   Our staff is more mature than staff at other Canadian camps because they are professionals, many currently in a college or university program related to children’s education or camping programs.  We will always have a staff member available to speak to a camper in Spanish if your child has trouble with English at any time they are at camp.

Manitou’s cabins sleep 6-14 campers depending on the age group and 2-3 counsellors per cabin. All cabins have sinks, toilets and showers, electricity and bunk beds with good quality mattresses. These cabins are rustic cedar buildings and many are located with a magnificent view of the lake. We don’t allow electronic devices to be used around camp, as we want the focus to be on the people and the Canadian outdoors.

We understand that as a parent who would be sending your child to camp in Canada, you would prefer they speak as little Spanish as possible during the camp day. For this reason, we ask for your input.  If you would like your child to be in an all English speaking cabin we can guarantee this. However, sometimes parents prefer just one other Spanish-speaking friend in the cabin.

It’s hard to believe its camp food!! That’s what our parents and campers say! We have always had a high standard when it comes to food. That means a flexible and well balanced diet, with fresh baked goods, a salad bar, a vegetarian meal and alternative meals for those that do not like the main course served. Fruit is available at every meal and all day long. The food is all prepared on premises and all breads and baked goods are homemade. In addition to this, we have snack in the afternoon and at bedtime. In our dining hall, we eat family style, which means that campers eat with their cabin group and counsellors.

One of the wonderful things about Manitou is that our campers come from all over the world. About 75% being Canadian (with many as far as Vancouver), 15% American (from as far as Florida and California to as close as St. Louis or New York) and about 10% from countries such as France, England, Spain, Mexico, Japan or Brazil and many other countries. We have kids from all different backgrounds and what makes Manitou so great is the level of respect that the campers and staff have for each other.

If your camper is new to Manitou, you will be hearing from us around day 4-5 about how your child is fairing at camp and we will let you know as soon as they arrive that they are safe and happy.  After that, please remember no news is always good news!  We are available by phone and if needed, we can be emailed, as we know the time difference can be challenging.  You and your child(ren) can communicate by electronic-mail, we accept emailed letters from you 2-3 times per week and we will scan and email written letters from your child(ren) twice per week. Of course, we know sending your child to Canada is a big step and we are always hear from you to make this transition seamless.