Special Programs

Special Programs

A camp experience is about colour wars, and unique programs that allow members of the Manitou Family to unite in ways that allow creativity, individuality and the utmost of spirit.

Camp Wide Events

Beyond our regular programming, it is our special events that create many lasting memories as we break away from our regular routine. Some of the favourite Manitou traditions have become:

Evening Programs

Evenings at Manitou are no less exciting than our daytime programming. After flagpole, Units will assemble for their evening program of the day. Tournaments, Spas, Coffee Houses, Game Shows, Camp Fires and Treasure Hunts are among the many favourites as well as some off the wall activities like “Paint Your Counsellor” or the infamous “Mr. & Mrs. Manitou.” In addition to Unit programming, there are generally 1 – 2 special “camp wide” events each week as well as a weekly “cabin night” for every group.

Rainy Day

The occasional rainy day doesn’t slow us down! In addition to activity themed rainy day activities, we may organize special indoor games and events, take special trips, and of course, take advantage of the many puddles!

Manny Games

For our first session campers, Manny Games is a great way to finish off their session, and for full season campers, it’s a great change of pace half way through the summer. A late night break sets the tone as camp is divided into four teams based on a theme.  Past themes include Holidays, Board Games, Mythical Lands and Music Genres. Our campers are always trying to guess what’s coming next, as this amazing day full of sports, arts and outdoor adventure competitions is sure to keep you moving!

World Games

There is no tradition bigger or more filled with spirit and passion than World Games. The countdown begins shortly into second session, and by the final days of camp, Manitou is ready to explode with energy. Campers and staff are divided into two teams and assigned a country to represent through athletics and artistic presentations over three days. Not just an “Olympics” program, our countries, sing, cheer, do dramatic presentations, traditional dances and host a themed dinner representing their country. An entire summers worth of energy and excitement packed into three days. What a way to end the season!

Friday Night Fireside

Every Friday night the entire camp gets together around a campfire overlooking the lake, singing camp songs and discussing important values such as friendship, family, respect, tolerance, how one person can make a difference, appreciation or acceptance. Each week the campers choose a theme to present to their fellow campers through song, poetry and creative expression.

Themes may centre around the importance of giving to one’s community and how children can make a positive impact on helping those around us, or about accepting people that are different than you are.   We have special guest speakers each summer, from Free the Children, Right to Play,  Ve’ahavta and many other excellent charities.

The camp song is sung by the entire Manitou Family many times throughout the summer, whether at each Friday Night Fireside, at plays, world games or the raising/lowering of the Flag. Camp fires and singing songs are a critical element of any camping experience.

Bunk Nights

In addition we have added the special cabin days, once a week and a bunk night twice a week, giving that little extra cabin time to help bond the kids. Also many campers see some or all of their cabin mates at their chosen activities since many campers in the cabin often pick many of the same activities. Some cabin groups even pick all of their activities as a bunk therefore treating those periods as cabin activities, while still ensuring that one or two periods of the day are left for individuals to pursue their favourite program. Of course with clean up, meals, rest hour, open and active, evening activities, night time and canoe trips, campers spend over half of their time with the cabin group. We think this is the perfect mix, giving campers the opportunity to do special crazy and fun things with their cabin group while having the opportunity to pick the activities of their choice during the day.