Sample Schedule

Try making a sample schedule today!

Each day has five programming periods and one “open” time at the end of the day that we call “O. & A.” Campers may choose to take an activity once every other day, once daily or sometimes, even twice daily (for older campers). This allows campers to participate in up to 10 different activities weekly with schedule changes made at the end of the week. For our younger campers, we encourage a broad selection of programs so they may try as many different activities as possible. However our program also allows older campers to focus in on specific activities if they choose. Our youngest campers, the Freshkids, have two cabin periods a day, with the first period dedicated to giving your child the opportunity to try a new and different activity each morning to start off their day. Our Freshkid and Sophomore campers take instructional swimming every other day.


Campers are placed at each activity with their friends, cabin mates and their peer group. Campers (or parents) can also make specific requests to do an activity with a sibling, cousin or friend. Throughout the session, counsellors will continue to monitor each camper’s program choices keeping in mind any parent requests. IN the spring, parents receive an activity form whereby they can give us specific instructions regarding the activity choices they want for their child- and this information is passed on to activity heads, counsellors and unit heads.