Canoe Trips

Learning to cook by the fire, pitching a tent for the first time in the beautiful Wilderness of Algonquin Park, Killarney, Temagami or the French River – a Canoe Trip is where some of our greatest memories are made and our greatest challenges are overcome. A confident paddler can excel and push her limits by carrying a canoe on a portage for the very first time or a young 7 year old can appreciate the beauty of nature while bonding with his cabin-mates.

Canoe trips are strongly encouraged by our camp, but are voluntary. Each summer over 60% of our campers voluntarily choose to participate in a cabin Canoe Trip. That is an overwhelming number and we are proud to say they all paddle back into camp with a smile on their face and with stories of the amazing journey they had.

Freshkids (our youngest campers) all go on an overnight Canoe Trip across the river from camp. This acts as an introduction to tripping. It gives them time to hang out on the campsite, the feeling of sleeping together in a tent and a chance to play games in the forest with their counsellors and canoe trippers. Our Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors can choose trips from 3 to 10 days! Of course, our Canoe Trips have great food, campfires, smores and sing-alongs!

Our enthusiastic and qualified canoe trippers are trained to give children an appreciation for the environment and for those campers that are apprehensive about canoe trip, they are excellent at going out of their way to ensure they feel safe and comfortable while on trip.