Cabin Time

The cabin group at Manitou is a special place for your child. The job of our staff is to work behind the scenes to ensure that each cabin is safe. Of course we mean physically safe, but we also value the emotionally safety of our children. This means – the cabin is bonding and learning skills of cooperation and team building.  Our goal is that your child will become close friends with his/her cabin mates, as we know this is crucial for a positive and successful summer at camp. With family style meals, clean up time, rest hour, snack attack, free time before dinner (O & A), flagpole and evening activity, all centered around the cabin group, the Manitou day is purposefully manipulated to allow for the cabin group to flourish. With camp outs/Canoe Trips, our weekly Thursday “all day – cabin day”, and two cabin bunk nights per week, your child will have a unique bond with his/her cabin group. Of course, some the best cabin memories include special activities such as star gazing, a supervised cabin swim,  a cook-out lunch or camp-out across the river.

An added bonus at Manitou is campers not only become close friends with their cabin mates but also meet other children of the same age (or older/younger) at their activities.

Freshkids, our youngest campers, spend two periods a day with their cabin so they are exposed to many different activities including sports, arts, outdoor adventure, a camp out; essentially every aspect of the camp experience. In addition their cabin will swim together daily to ensure safe & proper swim instruction.