A Day at Manitou

Program Philosophy

At Manitou there is a program that is right for your child, whether they are a team player, an individualist, creative, athletic or any combination, they will be cared for, respected and appreciated. Campers (with parent input) can create their own schedule from 32 activities while offering a mix of cabin programming as well.


Build Your Own Schedule

water boarding

Each day has five programming periods and one “open” time at the end of the day that we call “O. & A.” Campers may choose to take an activity once every other day, once daily or sometimes, even twice daily (for older campers).

A Day At Camp


At Manitou a camper can create their own schedule choosing from 32 activities and receive their own activity schedule based on their (and their parents) wishes and desires. We offer our younger campers a more structured program of activity choice, cabin activities, exposing them to over 20 arts, sports and outdoor adventure programs.

Canoe Trips

Learning to cook by the fire, pitching a tent for the first time in the beautiful Wilderness of Algonquin Park, Killarney, Temagami or the French River – a Canoe Trip is where some of our greatest memories are made and our greatest challenges are overcome.

Cabin Time

The cabin group at Manitou is a special place for your child. The job of our staff is to work behind the scenes to ensure that each cabin is safe. Of course we mean physically safe, but we also value the emotionally safety of our children.

Special Programs

A camp experience is about colour wars, and unique programs that allow members of the Manitou Family to unite in ways that allow creativity, individuality and the utmost of spirit.

Counsellor In Training (CIT)

As a Counsellor-in-Training (CIT) at Manitou you will have the opportunity to challenge yourself and be given the opportunity to reach out to those campers whom over the years you may not have shared a cabin with or spent a significant amount of time with.

Leader in Training (LIT)

Our Leader-in-Training (LIT) Program at Manitou is designed to foster the development of leadership skills and ready our oldest campers to apply for our CIT Program the following year. The program includes an incredible white water rafting adventure on the Ottawa river!