Future Families


Senior Boy “Manitou is so great that you must experience it to understand it. Here there are so many campers with different interests, and different personalities. In this beautiful place all these people come together and create an experience that we all love, all summer and every summer.” -Jake, Senior Boy CIT “Manitou is very special because no matter what seems to change from year to year, the most important things stay true, like the immediate sense of family that you feel just after getting off the busses.” -Jack, CIT Freshkid “The doctors at camp are very helpful, I have never been to the doctor because I was never sick, but when my friends were there, they were cared for and back to normal in no time. Every morning I would be allowed to take my allergy pills and the nurses would help me and make me feel great.” -Alex, Freshkid Sophomore Girls “All the girls in our cabin were so welcoming and kind. We felt that we could tell them anything. That is what respect is all about.” -Laurie & Lauren, Sophomore Girls Senior Girl "Camp is a place where you can be who you wish you were in the city without the fear of being judged. Camp is about discovering who you are. It's not about planning ahead, it’s about being spontaneous and living in the moment. It's about being open minded and trying new things.” -Katie, Senior Girl Mom and Dad “Overnight camp is a privilege and for most it is 8 weeks of fun in the sun. I love that Manitou is more than that. It teaches kids that they have opportunities many others may not and how to give back to our community and beyond. We are so proud to be a part of the Manitou Family.” -A Manitou Mom & Dad Camper/Staff “The environment you guys have created at Manitou is one that cannot be matched anywhere else; a magical place, that despite how completely corny it is to say, I feel blessed I was a part of it for 11 unbelievable years. Manitou has taught me more about myself and how to deal with those around me than I ever knew. Without your guidance and support, I would probably still be the shy, insecure, sad kid I was as a Sophomore.” -Jack, Manitou Camper/Staff Junior Girl “I think what Manitou Cares is doing is amazing. I had so much fun packing pills and kinder kits for Guyana! I just wanted to say what Manitou Cares is doing is making such a huge difference around the world, but it inspires all Manitou campers to show they can make a difference too! Raising money to build the school in Ecuador was also so much fun.” -Amanda, Junior Girl Freshkid “All of the counsellors and campers are very welcoming to any new camper that walks off the bus into the camp. If a camper has a problem, their counsellors are always open to help them, with a happy and caring attitude.” -Alex, Freshkid Megan “The 100000000 amazing new experiences that I know you probably couldn't do anywhere else (well not where I'm from anyway) are only just the beginning of why I had the best summer of my life. It gave me the opportunity to meet so many new people and make many life long best friends. I matured there, I learnt from other people and over all I had a positively UNREAL time! Manitou is the best place on earth. They say home is where the heart is, a place you love, Manitou is my home.” -Megan, Senior from England Parent of 1st time Senior Boy “Our son was a little anxious about going to camp the first time as a senior camper but he came home to say he has made new fiends and had one of the best summers he has ever had, he loved it up there and he truly caught your fever, congratulations on your program and our heartfelt thanks to contributing to our son's personal growth.” -Parent of 1st time Senior Boy Manitou Mom “When we met the directors and what they offer at Manitou we found a place where children can become young adults and really look at life differently during their time with you. He not only learned to sail or build camp fires but rather he goes to Manitou to evolve into the person he will become.” -Rhonda, a Manitou Mom 2 Manitou Moms “We tell parents when they ask that we attribute their positive values and outlook to Manitou as a significant part of their wonderful personalities have been shaped by camp.” -Lisa & Carrie, 2 Manitou Moms Mother of Freshkid “They talk about their new Manitou family and for this we are so grateful. They now understand for the first time what remarkable people they both are. These are lessons that could only be learned at camp. We also could never have found another camp that could be so much to two so very different kids. The fact that we can challenge our arts kid and our sports kids separately in one camp is truly amazing.” -Mother of Freshkid Boy & Soph Girl A Manitou Dad “There seems to be a strong culture of acceptance which starts with your clear intent to create an environment of inclusion.” -Rob, A Manitou Dad Manitou Mom “You have an awesome staff….congratulations on running such a fine camp and the staff you attract. It says a lot about you and the reputation and high standard you demand and uphold.” -A Manitou Mom