Fun Fun Fun All Around Camp!

WOWOWOW! It’s another gorgeous sunny day at camp, and it’s looking like it’s going to be another fantastic, fun-filled day! Yesterday we had another thrilling Intercamp against Camp Tamakwa, where we competed in Basketball, Soccer, Softball, and even Climbing! It was great to see both camps exhibiting sportsmanship and spirit, and to see all of our campers not on teams cheering everyone on!

Today we have a ton of fun programs happening at activities, and I can’t wait to see all of them run! Starting at breakfast we had Pajama Day, where campers and staff came dressed in their best (and funniest!) pajamas. It was a very cozy meal, and I think I might leave on my moose pajamas all day now! Down at the river, Canoe/Kayak and Guitar will be joining forces in the annual Caneotar day! There will be some awesome tunes played on the beach, and I’ve seen campers strumming while being paddled down the river. It’s always a fun day, and it’s a blast to see our campers come together from such different activities.

Over at our Ropes course, it’s Balance Day, where our climbing campers will be testing–and maybe even improving–their balance. They’ll be doing all the usual Ropes course elements, but adding a twist like putting on a blindfold or not using hands! It’s a great challenge for our campers, and I’m sure they’ll be up to the task!

And fun things are happening up on Art Hill, as well. Crafts is having Valentine’s Day today where campers will be making Valentine’s cards and red and pink jewelry. I hope this old moose gets a Valentine! Creative Arts will be doing an ocean-themed art show, all to raise money and awareness about the oceans and their environmental concerns. Staff and campers will be making beautiful art pieces inspired by the ocean and the wildlife that lives there, and then they’ll be having a little gallery showing of all the pieces! I’m always so inspired by our campers and staff who use their creative talents for good causes.

Today is a full day of activities and fun, and then tonight is our weekly Cabin Activity Rotation where cabins go to activities that they may not usually have on their schedule. It’s a fun night to see our campers trying new things, and it’s always a ton of fun. Plus tomorrow is the start of another exciting journey when Adventure Valley Day Camp visits for a few days. But more on that soon!

And to HEAR more about we’ve been up to around camp, click on the logo BELOW to hear Episode 2 of our Manitou podcast!


Well, I’m off to see my friend Sarah Driscoll, our Head of Ropes & Climbing, to test my balancing skills!

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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