First Day Fun!

Wowza! Our countdown clock has struck zero and everyone has arrived at camp for the Summer of 2018! The busses rolled in and all our excited campers ran through a tunnel of welcoming arms—a Manitou classic! After everyone got settled in their cabins, we all gathered for our traditional first night meal—tasty chicken burgers. And after dinner, we were off to the races!

Our campers went to the activity fair to hear about our over 35 activities, including the fun new Zumba program, and decide what they want to sign up for in this first week of activities. Following that, everyone chose their schedules and sent postcards home to all of you! Don’t worry…you’ll get them soon and hear all about the fun we’re having here at camp.

Our golden summer night ended on a lovely note, as we raised our Manitou and Canadian flag to signify the official start of camp. It was raised this year, as is tradition, by our campers celebrating birthdays, our most recent Jordana Lokash Award winners, and as a special tribute this year, Dave Sheffe’s girls, Ella and Marlowe alongside his niece and nephew Dylan and Zoe Brown. It was then an early to bed—or an ETB as we call them here—so that everyone could get plenty of sleep after a long day, and so our cabins could all bond and have a great night together!

Camp is definitely in full swing now, and I can hear laughing and cheering everywhere I go. It’s great seeing so many old faces return to Manitou, but I love meeting new friends, as well. I have to go now…even a moose has to do swim and lice checks! Until next time…

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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