Evening Programs, Survivor, Friday Night Fireside, and Lots of Talent!

YIPPEE! It’s been a great first week at camp and I can barely contain my excitement! There is so much to catch up on!

The campers and staff are always laughing and smiling, and the sun has been shining down on Lake Manitou-Wabing. Even on our rainiest day, everyone sang and danced and went mudsliding. Camp is all about having fun even on imperfect days!

Throughout the days, our cabins are rotating through different activities. A cabin could have Swimming and Sailing in the morning, and then go off to Pottery and Woodworking in the afternoon to flex their creative muscles. I’ve seen cabins go from Hockey to Yoga to Culinary Arts…what a day that must be!

And I haven’t even mentioned one of the best parts of camp: the food! Chef Will and his awesome team have been cooking up some of the best camp food ever. This week alone, we have had brisket for dinner, tacos for lunch, and French toast for breakfast! We’ve also had the yummiest desserts like chocolate cake and lemon squares, and of course Manitou’s famous Salad Bar has been out every lunch!

After a full day of delicious meals and awesome activities, our cabins participate in Evening Programs: fun activities run by our amazing Unit Heads for their whole age group. So far we’ve had camp classics such as Cribs and Egg Drop, and also new and exciting programs like Late Night Talk Shows and human Scrabble! And even our Activity Heads got in on the fun and ran Evening Programs for the units where we saw Sheep Herding with the Freshkids, the Westmanitou Dog Show with the Sophomores, a Counsellor Hunt with the Juniors, and an epic obstacle course for the Senior unit. They all looked like a blast and I loved walking around and seeing everyone having fun together!

And I almost forgot to mention what our CITs (Counsellors in Training) have been up to! In place of their usual canoe trip, the CITs completed an in-camp version of Survivor, where they have been split into teams and went through challenges that help them learn leadership, trust, and other skills that will help become great staff members. Their Survivor challenge ended with an epic relay and rope burn and the whole camp was there to cheer them on! Now they’re using some of those skills and lessons are placed on cabins and activities to get the feel of what it means to be a staff member.

And a few nights ago we had Friday Night Fireside: our weekly time to reflect and think about how lucky we are to be in such an amazing place. At this Fireside, our Freshkid campers spoke about our theme “Together We Can Go Far.” They talked about working together as cabinmates and friends, and how good it feels when we complete things together. Looking over the lake and hearing their words was inspiring, and I bet our campers and staff felt the same.

Plus a big highlight of the week was the Camper Talent Show! We had classical piano performances, singing, gymnastics, and we even had a camper hang upside down while completing a puzzle! The camp is bursting with talent and it was thrilling to see some of it showcased for everyone to see!

Well I’m off to Newspaper, where the Activity Head Carter is going to help me write an article! To see our first volume of The Mosquito (our camp newspaper), click HERE and enjoy!

Yours Moosily,

Manny the Moose

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