Discover Your Character Powers on May 28th!



We are excited to announce our partnership with Character Powers, which is a social and emotional learning activity for the whole family that emphasizes positivity and wellness. Please RSVP below to join us on Thursday, May 28th at 7:00 PM EST on ZOOM for what is sure to be an inspiring program! We will be joined by some of our 2020 unit heads and the creator and founder of Character Powers, Michael Kronick who will facilitate the 1 hour FREE workshop. 

By signing up for this virtual camp activity, all of us can genuinely recognize and appreciate our positive personality traits. We will use the strengths of inspirational people throughout history like Michael Jordan, Dr. Seuss, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ruth Bader Ginsberg and even Lady Gaga to name a few…to discover our true “Character Powers”. Through the program, we will all create our own Characters Powers card and work together as a community to raise our self-esteem and learn about ourselves in a deeper way. After the session, you will have access to a powerful activity that you can use with both family and friends.

By signing up for session you will receive the program template and ZOOM link needed for the workshop. Reach out to cabin mates or family members and sign up. Limited spaces available – you must complete the sign up for to register for the event. Please RSVP by no later than Wednesday to let us know if you can join. We hope to see you there!


Manitou has also been given an exclusive promotional code for discounted access to the Character Powers reading cards. Included is a collection of 22 visually appealing cards that tell the diverse stories of people who have lived their lives exhibiting strength in character. Learn about their stories and be inspired by their Character Powers. Additional cards with instructions, definitions and make-your-own templates are also included to enhance your Character Powers experience. By using the promo code MANITOU, you will get 25% off your order! CLICK HERE to purchase your Character Powers reading cards.



Thank you to our many families who have already helped to support Shop to Share, which is a grassroots initiative helping women within the Durham region. Our Manitou community’s contributions of food and personal items have already helped many women and children in need. 


Please drop off items at the addresses below on Thursdays prior to 3:00 PM.

If you are unable to drop off items, please consider making a donation to Victim Services of Durham Region Fund. Tax receipts are provided and additional funds are needed more than ever.


If you know of a company that would be open to donating items please share the contact with us. 


Non-Perishable: canned fruit and vegetables (not beans right now), cereals, granola bars, almond milk, nuts, instant soups, crackers, cookies, microwaveable ravioli, Kraft Dinner, Annie’s Mac and Cheese, pizza pockets, beef jerky, bread (whole wheat, bagels, muffins, croissants), oatmeal, dried fruit, juice boxes, soda, chips, protein bars, Lunchables, canned tuna & salmon, Ensure, oatmeal and healthy kids snacks (unsweetened apple sauce, goldfish crackers, almond butter, juice boxes, string cheese).

Perishable: eggs, apples, oranges, bananas, carrots, cheese, hummus & dips, cucumbers, cured meats, corn, celery and cheese

Baby Items: formula, cereal, bottles, diapers, diaper cream.


There will be open bins at each house eliminating the need to touch anything. Next drop off is Thursday, May 21st before 3:00 PM at any of the following addresses:

CINDY: 8 Heathdale Rd.  Toronto 

TINA: 35 Millbank Ave. Toronto

SHARYN: 49 Felicia Court   Thornhill

NANCY: 127 Elgin Street   Thornhill

Thank you in advance for your continued support!


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