Camp Manitou Technology Policy

Camp Manitou is Screen-Free!

We believe camp is about unplugging from the world and teaching children the value of play and direct communication. As parents and camp directors, we know that children adapt to new technology at an alarming speed. New technology develops year after year and this makes it impossible for us to keep up in today’s world. While we understand the need and dependency for electronics throughout the year and at school, we strongly believe their presence at camp is unnecessary. We want our campers to experience camp and most importantly engage with the entire Manitou community, their friends and nature. Camp is one of the only places left in the world for children to do this. Our “Screen-Free” policy, we know campers will be more engaged and physically active than ever before. This is the Manitou way and we hope you can support us. We want to remind you that Manitou has always had a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to phones and the use of a device to watch videos and play games. We understand that allowing these items to be at camp is a temptation and by removing their presence at camp we know this will reduce the ‘urge’ to use electronics at Manitou.

What electronic devices are permitted at Camp Manitou?

We ONLY allow personal music devices and digital cameras. Personal music devices may only be used to listen to music in the cabin. We only allow a basic mp3 player that does not have Internet capabilities.  We do allow an mp3 player with a small screen – and unlike most camps we will not prohibit their use because know music is very important to our campers. Unfortunately, if you have any other type of device at camp, it will be confiscated.  In addition, if you choose to send/bring an mp3 player to camp and we find you watching a video (even on that SMALL screen), we will confiscate your device for the duration of the camp season.

What electronic devices are NOT ALLOWED at Camp Manitou?

Please assume that items not found on the list above are NOT ALLOWED at camp. This includes the use of e-readers. Of course, items that are capable of uploading or downloading data of any kind, or being used as telephones are prohibited at camp and use of these items will cause for confiscation and campers may be sent home.

Thank you in advance for your support as we continue to adapt to the changing world. We know limiting electronics at camp can be difficult, but we have always maintained that part of the Manitou experience is removal from a world dominated by screens and buttons. We trust you will chat with your camper(s) about this policy.

MP3 players can be purchased on Amazon, at Staples, Best Buy or any local electronic store.

“Manitou – The Last Place on Earth Where the Best Connection Doesn’t Require a Plug!”