Packing Guide

Packing Guide

General Instructions

  • All items must be packed in one or two duffel bags weighing no more than 40 lbs.  It is impossible for us to carry your child’s duffel if it weighs more than this.  No trunks or suitcases are permitted.
  • We suggest one bag should hold all bedding, shoes and miscellaneous equipment, the other should hold all folded clothing.  You may also want to pack a small “backpack” with odds & ends that can be carried on the bus.
  • Remember that any item “too good” to travel in a duffel bag shouldn’t be at camp in the first place.  Clothing can also be misplaced or lost in a laundry bag.  Please pack accordingly
  • Label each item so that it can be returned to you if lost and found.  You can order a stamp from  or stick on labels (e.g. for water bottles, flashlights) at

The Basics

(max requirements for 3, 4, 7 wk session.  Short sessions may adjust numbers if not staying)

Note: Laundry bags are not required as we supply one for each camper for use with our laundry service.

Special Clothing and Equipment

In most cases, camp will supply equipment for activities as needed. The following are activities where specific items are often required to especially if campers are participating at a higher level:

  • Baseball: Baseball glove
  • Canoe Tripping:  Sleeping bag, water shoes (not CROCS), and life jacket (for long trips).
  • Dance: Dance shoes (ballet or jazz slippers, or tap shoes).  Dance pants optional.
  • In-Line Hockey: Roller blades and helmet with full-face shield (cage).  We supply pads and sticks.
  • Photography: A digital camera can be brought to camp but expensive items are discouraged as items can be lost.
  • Rock/Guitar:  We supply instruments and amps.
  • Tennis: Tennis shoes (could be second pair of shoes in clothing list) and racquet. 
  • Water sports: Life jackets are optional to bring (but mandatory to wear, so your own may be more comfortable if wearing one regularly).

What Not To Bring

Please remember that the following items are NOT ALLOWED in camp and may be confiscated if packed (and donated to charity)

  • Cell Phones, Smartphones, iPhones, Smartwatch, even without a SIM card
  • MP3 PLAYERS WITH SCREENS  – exception is basic mp3, ipod shuffle, ipod nano
  • Money (or poker chips etc), Any valuables should go directly to the camp office.
  • Laptops, iPads, DVD players, E-Readers, video recorders, Gameboys, PSPs or other video game devices
  • Hot pots, kettles, hair straighteners, hair dryers, electric fans or any small plug-in appliances
  • Walkie-talkies or other portable communication devices
  • Bottled Water, snacks, candy, or other food for the cabin (and absolutely no food with nuts)
  • Portable shelving, Furniture (including folding chairs), large equipment (skateboards, bikes).
  • Knives, duct tape or similar maintenance supplies
  • Lighters, slow burning items (incense, mosquito coils), fireworks, smoke bombs (or an similar “fun tricks”)

MP3 PLAYERS: We recommend basic mp3/iPods at camp for music to play in the cabin during quiet times.  An mp3 player that is used to watch a video, text, browse or communicate will be confiscated and not returned.  The camper will be put on final warning and possibly sent home for 3 days.

Should I Send Money?

Campers do not need money at camp. If campers are travelling through the airport, you may wish to send some emergency money, but make sure your child understands that it should be given to the staff at the airport with travel documents to be kept in the office while they are at camp.

If your child brings cash to camp we are not responsible for it being lost or stolen.