Manitou Camp Foundation


 The very heart of Camp Manitou lies in the importance of teaching kids respect, compassion and the extraordinary power of human kindness.

We’ve helped our campers believe that there is endless possibility for change when the gaze looks outward. Our Manitou Cares program was created to provide opportunities for our Manitou family to embrace this philosophy and give back to the world around them in meaningful ways.

Manitoucamp Foundation

We are now very proud to announce that as a result of our efforts we have established an affiliate of Camp Manitou – a Canadian registered charity under the name “MANITOUCAMP FOUNDATION”.

ManitouCamp Foundation was formed as an affiliate of Camp Manitou and is an independent Canadian registered charity (BN#: 819865189RR0001). ManitouCamp Foundation will provide funds to various Canadian registered charities, many of which empower kids with the core values of outreach, community service and other charitable endeavours.  Camp Manitou will continue to run its ongoing Manitou Cares initiative to provide programs that teach children such values so that our children of today can become the philanthropic leaders of tomorrow.

As a result, any individual wishing to provide a donation to MANITOUCAMP FOUNDATION will qualify for a tax receipt. As an added incentive Camp Manitou will match dollar for dollar any contributions made to MANITOUCAMP FOUNDATION up to $10,000 annually, making your donation worth twice as much!

Let’s continue to ‘lay the foundation’ for future generations of the Manitou family as we strengthen our resolve to come together with respect, empathy and outreach and pass these shared values on to each and every one of our children.

Charitable Programming

By sending your child to camp Manitou you will instill them in a culture where giving back to their world around them, and having gratitude for their life will be a hallmark of every day.  Our goal is to inculcate fundamental values that allow children to enjoy helping each other, and not only learning about each others differences but embracing such differences.

As a result we have made it one of the core pillars of our camp focus to work on projects both during the summer as well as all year long that give back to the camp community, local community and global community.   Parents choose Camp Manitou because they want their children to learn these values and norms.  Such examples include our traditional Friday night service where we apply such values through campers and staff speaking on such themes, and singing songs and presenting poems around a positive value or theme.   We also have guest speakers that come up to Manitou to speak and inspire campers and than meet with our Leaders in Training and CIT’s to further teach them how they too can make a positive difference in the lives of others.

During the Friday Night service we also teach about the wonderful aboriginal culture and remind campers that the land we are living at was once part of the their community. We discuss stereotypes of words and traditions and our responsibility to this group of people.

Camp Manitou has a special ‘Community Week” where all camper and staff actively participate in repairing the world and giving back to the world around them. The campers learn about a specific charity and raise money for this charity. For example, we cook soup for a local women’s shelter, visit a senior homes, assist at a camp for the Blind, and conduct so many other charitable activities. The week culminates in a Walk of Hope where all campers and staff in unison think about what matters most to them and our how we can benefit our community and reach out to make the world a better place.

Additionally our leaders called Counsellors in Training as part of their training must learn to prepare one Chairty event  which is planned all summer long and than presented in Toronto after the summer.

During the year the Camp Manitou hosts many activities of a charitable nature.  We help feed the homeless engaging campers and families, as well as hold a world wide Feed the World campaign.  We also hold many charitable events to help make this world a better place.  Much of our work is also conducted by our Sister Company – the MANITOU CAMP FOUNDATION which is a registered charity whose sole mandate is to help with various charitable endeavors.  We conduct clothing drives, raise money for various charities, visit hospitals and help learn about the environment.

Finally camp Manitou provides free camp and or subsidies to many campers. Some are children with special needs, from foster homes through CAS, and some are refugees for example. Campers in such situation s are also provided free clothing and necessities as part of our charitable arm.

Similarity we also provide funding and assist with campers with special needs, or disabilities.  Disabilities include turrets, autism, depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, bi-polar disorder and related schizophrenia manifestations or mental health issues.  The number of children with cognitive disabilities appears to be increasing and requires specific staff skills to provide the same and a high degree of maturity and background in this area.

We also offer camper spots with physical disabilities regarding severe food allergies.  We feel that camp is the one place where these children can feel safe and we offer specific food training and anaphylaxis protocols so that children with any severe food allergy can attend camp.  We search out to find educated, sophisticated staff who can be trained on the vital medical and first aid responses required for such children at risk.

You may hear about our new Charity this summer- called the Amani home that both Camp Manitou and the ManitouCamp foundation are supporting. This charity helps street kids as young as four be removed off the streets in Tanzania and bring them to a safe home with education and love.